Kick the Addiction With Rapid Detox

The hardest step in any recovery program is to admit that you are addicted to any substance. Drug addiction, for instance, needs rapid detox in order to quickly rid the body of the harmful substances that have accumulated over time. In order to kick a drug habit, one has to undergo a physical, mental and emotional detoxification process. Taking the drugs out of your system is the primary step.

For many years, a lot of centers that offer rapid detox programs rely on the cold turkey method or withdrawal scheme. These methods are closely supervised by medical experts either at the patient's home or at the rehabilitation center itself.

The normal process of detoxification often takes a 10-day journey; a part of which are the 3-5 days of speedy detox. This all begins as the patient check into any institution or clinic and would undergo basic screening. There could be risks involved with the use of anesthesia or Naltrexone which is the most commonly used drug in rapid detoxifying. Doctors don't like the idea of ​​having patients under anesthetics for more than 6 hours. If the rehabilitation center that you inquired in require that the patient is going to be sedated for almost 24 hours, then, hold it right there-this is very risky.

The use of Naltrexone, on the other hand, could result into muscle fatigue which could last for many days. A reformed addict, upon getting out of the rehabilitation center, would appear to have no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. This state is only achieved with the use of the drug Naltrexone, though. It is administered intravenously during the rapid detoxification process and once the patient goes out, he takes a daily dose of Naltrexone pill. Taking the pill ascertains zero relapses and nil euphoria.

Patients are physically withdrawn from his drug addiction after his rehabilitation program is done but psychologically, he might feel differently. After care, what would happen to patients who are mentally or psychologically dependent on the drug?

Rapid detox is one fast cure but it does not guarantee recovery. Many would argue that the patient has to have a strong resolve to get rid of the harmful substance in his system and that the rapid detoxification program is just a catalyst to his steady, willful recovery. This may be true as some have gotten rid of their addiction by undergoing this process-why should other cases be any different?

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