Self Hypnotherapy For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder disease that affects millions of people worldwide. There is no known permanent cure for it. The top layer skin of Psoriasis is usually thicker and twice as thick as that of normal skin. Abnormal accelerated skin growth occurs every 3 to 4 days instead of the normal 28 to 30 days growth cycle and this causes skin cells to accumulate at the surface.

The blood vessels of the skin expand in psoriasis and immune cells are drawn to the affected skin area. The immune cells send inflammatory signals to the skin cells as part of the immune response and this leads to redness and lesions.

There are reports suggesting that hypnotherapy might be of help to those suffering from Psoriasis in terms of reduction of recurrence and severity of outbreak. It has been observed that emotional and psychological stress triggers or aggravates the condition of Psoriasis.

Those who respond favorably to hypnotism benefits in terms of reduce pain and frequency of outbreak. Hypnotherapy can be used as a therapeutic treatment in conjunction with administering of standard medicine. Those who are highly susceptible to be hypnotized seem to respond well to Psoriasis therapeutic treatment.

The exact mechanism and the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in terms of healing for Psoriasis is still very much a subject under investigation and discussion. One possible reason suggested is the possible link of the complex interactions between stress and liver for which in turn affects the triggering, development and recurrence of Psoriasis.

One of the main tasks of the liver is the purging of toxins from the body. The toxins in the blood is processed and transported by the bile to the intestines and colons for discharge. A healthy liver is extremely important for efficient elimination of toxins from the body as well as to ensure proper regulation of blood sugar and metabolism of important enzymes and hormones such as cholesterol, estrogen and testosterone.

Stress could throw hormones out of balanced and impact the liver capability to detoxify efficiently. Blood flow to the part of the brain that controls the liver may be impacted due to chronic stress and this may lead to liver impairment. Quite a high number of Psoriasis patients attributes the triggering or outbreak of Psoriasis to chronic stress.

It is an established fact that stress can have negative impact on the mind and body. Stress is known to trigger the inflammation of the liver. During stress, natural killer cells termed ‘NKT’ increased in the liver and in some cases leads to liver deterioration. The enzyme ‘alanine aminotransferase’ termed ‘ALT’ present in the liver is known to increase under chronic stress and released to the blood stream. Elevated ‘ALT’ in the blood stream is usually associated with liver damage.

An inflamed or damaged liver will impair the filtering and purging of toxins from the body. Other organs of elimination such as the kidneys, colons, lungs and the skin will have to take over the workload of detoxification from the liver. Toxins and microbial may entered the blood stream if the elimination organs are unable to cope with the required detoxification.

Toxins may accumulate beneath the skin and caused the body immune system to response by attacking the inflamed skin cells. The presence of toxins and other harmful microbial in the blood are triggering factors for Psoriasis. Stress increases the toxins in our body, is detrimental to our health and trigger or worsen Psoriasis condition.

Self-hypnotherapy promotes healing mechanisms, reduce stress, improve hormone balance and liver ability to filter off toxins more efficiently. Proper detoxification helps to minimize Psoriasis triggering and outbreak.

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