Smart and Easy Ways to Detox Your Body

How many times have you felt that you have had enough of the junk food almost everyday, making you lethargic and dull? You can easily blame the oil and the added flavors, but you know that you need to detoxify your body now.

What you require is a perfect plan, and here it goes:

1. Have enough liquid intake:

I know, you might have got bored of reading this advice almost everywhere, but it is a fact -your body needs plenty of water and hydration to work in an appropriate way. All the insalubrious contents stuck in your intestines will be flushed out of your system by the water.

2. Have some tea:

Green tea is fabulously rich in antioxidants, which can improve your body’s immunity. The damages made to the cells and blood vessel walls by free radicals, can be repaired by these antioxidants. This can also assist in preventing the possibilities of blood clots, and hence reducing the chances of getting heart attacks or strokes.

3. Become Fruitilicious:

Fruits can be amazingly helpful in regeneration and repair of the tissues because of their richness in antioxidants and vitamins. You can simply include the fruits like kiwis, bananas, oranges and apples in your diet. Always go with fresh and whole fruits instead of the processed juices.

4. Green Can Clean:

Have loads of green leafy vegetables. They are a warehouse of some necessary nutrients such as iron, calcium, proteins and vitamins, etc. Include at least five portions of vegetables in your day.

5. Beans can be wondrous:

Soybeans are extremely rich in proteins. Eating junk can consume proteins from your body. Proteins are basically the building blocks of your body and soybean can offer your body these.

What not to have:

1. Carbonated Drinks:

Oh! Sure you think it is just some carbonated water. Well, as a matter of fact, the carbon dioxide can make your stomach bloat, thereby causing acidity and obesity.

Hence, stay away from CO2, if you want a healthy life and inhale as much fresh oxygen as you can.

2. Oh! This is some Healthy Oil as per the Commercials:

Well, saturated oil is the main cause of numerous health issues such as skin problems, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases.

3. Avoid having a sweet tooth:

Sugar in your food can lead to diabetes and hamper with your body’s defense mechanism, hence avoid it at all costs.

4. Stay away from White Foods:

If possible, try to get away from the white processed foods such as pastas and white bread. They mainly contain starch, which is also a type of fat and can cause obesity and cholesterol.

5. Life can be Good Without Potatoes:

Well, you might be thinking it to be a basic vegetable, which we eat all the time. Then how can it harm us? They have solanine, a toxic fungus, which can cause gastrointestinal poisoning. So, stay away from them, as much as you can.

Apart from this, also add good amount of physical activity to your healthy diet. Exercises can always assist in getting rid of the toxins by sweating them out of your body.

It is not always needed to go to a spa to get yourself detoxified. It is so easy to do it, with proper guidance and planning.

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