Spices As Detox Agents?

Everyday, our bodies work endlessly. It functions 24/7 and of course it has its own limitations. As our bodies work, it can not avoid of being attacked by toxins which just everywhere. These toxins can deeply affect the functions of the body, making it weak for its everyday work. There are a lot of sources of toxins in our environment such as from the food we eat; water we drink or even the air that we breathe. To keep our bodies strong, a detoxification of the body should be done. There are a lot of detox methods that you can choose from nowadays. One simple way is through the use herbs and spices.

When we say herbs, the only thought that comes in mind is the meals that we eat where spices and herbs are used. We are not aware that what we use in cooking may give us excellent health. There are several types of herbs that can help us keep away toxins from our body which can also give you positive results like being more energetic and healthy. So the next time you shop around, be sure to include some detox herbs to your list.

Ginger Root

Ginger roots are actually filled with anti-cancer properties. It fights cancer cells and at the same time preventing its formation which keeps us away in having the risk for cancer. You can use ginger root as an additional flavor to your beverage or you can take its juice itself. This is also good to rid yourself of stomach aches and is an excellent herb for a whole body detox diet.


This herb is commonly found in South Asia, where you find their food spiced up with this herb. This is frequently used in curries where it gives that natural spice and color to the dish. Tumeric are excellent for liver detox and can also prevent the growth of cancer cells. It can also prohibit any carcinogens which you will find in charcoal grilled foods.


People use rosemary for a more subtle taste in their dishes. This herb is known for its powerful detoxification capabilities. This has been a favorite of many because of its fresh and piney scent which makes it more appealing to use. Rosemary herbs can prevent one from having skin and lung cancer. It is very easy to use; just add some to your favorite vegetable dishes, rice or soups. You will also discover the energy that will have once you have eaten this herb. This is the reason why it is commonly recommended in a lot detox diet methods.


Diuretics are beneficial for a great body detox plan. It is good to add some parsley, dandelion, juniper and uva ursi to your diet especially if you are undergoing a detox plan. These herbs can be excellent cleansers to your liver which is important for any detox diet.

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