Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Five Tips To Help You Better Cope With Stress

Stress can be a big problem; it affects your health directly causing the fight-or-flight hormones to flood into your bloodstream. In turn, these hormones raise your blood sugar. However, try as you might to get away from the grasp of stress, it will find you. None of us can do away with stress altogether. It is an unfortunate fact the more stress you have, the more you are going to feel run down, unmotivated, and possibly depressed.

Luckily, handling stress may be easier than you thought. Here is how you can productively deal with stress…

1. Step Back And Look At The Big Picture. Often the best way to cope with stress is to step back and look at the big picture. Far too often we make little things out to be gigantic problems that are going to ruin our life.

You need to get away from this kind of thinking. When you take a step back, you may very well come to realize whatever problem it is you were dealing with; it is not nearly as big as you once thought.

2. Come Up With Solutions. The next step to better coping with stress is to come up with a few ways of changing your behavior. Many times you can plan to make an effort to avoid situations or people you know will be stressful. If driving in peak hour traffic is stressful for you, arrange to travel at a time when traffic is not so busy. Make it a goal not to let small annoyances get blown into significant frustrations.

Once you have three to five solutions in front of you, you will notice it becomes easier to calm yourself. Now you have a workable solution on your hands, one you can implement without too much hassle.

3. Know What You Can And Cannot Control. It is also important you take into account what you can and cannot control. If you are stressing about a situation that is entirely out of your control, you are just doing yourself unnecessary harm.

When you invest a large part of yourself in the outcome of another person’s life, you give that event or person an amount of power in your life. Focus on only what you can influence and what affects your life.

4. Get Some Exercise. You might also want to consider getting out for some exercise. Few things combat stress like a good workout session. Get your blood pumping, and you will notice a difference in how you feel afterward. The fight-or-flight reflex accompanying stress discharges chemicals into your bloodstream. It is these chemicals that prepare your body for physical activity, so a natural way to relieve stress is to get some exercise.

5. Talk To Others. Finally, do not overlook the value of talking to family and friends. Opening up to friends when your problems are overwhelming can help you gain perspective you may not have considered otherwise. Often this can help you look at issues from a different angle.

Reducing stress will help you control diabetes because lowering stress can help reduce high blood sugar levels. With the right techniques, it is something that does not need to keep bothering you.

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