Beyond MS – How to Overcome Multiple Sclerosis

The Pyramid of Health and Illness

Most people view health and illness in a materialistic manner, as if we are frozen sculptures being acted upon by a hostile environment. Here at the beyond MS Association we view wellness or sickness to be extensions of our entire persona, and there is no one cause for MS. The Beyond MS Association believes that it takes three factors combining together in a prescribed manner to bring about health or illness. For someone to contract Multiple Sclerosis, it is necessary that all three factors work in combination to bring about the onset of the disease


(Genetics, DNA, sex)


(Virus, Prion, Bacteria)


(Life style, stress, diet, climate)

1) Make-up:

We have a basic structure determined by our genetics, (DNA), with inherent strengths and weaknesses that predispose us to certain illnesses, (e.g. Sickle-cell anemia, heart conditions, MS, etc).

2) Catalyst:

We are exposed to a constant abundance of virulent agents including Bacteria, Viruses, Prions, in our environment that may precipitate certain illnesses, (e.g. Polio, Herpes, MS,).

3) Environment:

Life style, diet, quality of life, climate, fatigue, stress, all give the conditions for a weak or strong immune system and susceptibility to illness, (e.g. colds, flu’s, asthma, MS, etc).

Even though we have little or no control over our make-up, or the catalyst causing MS, we do have control of our personal environment – which can prevent, diminish or even eliminate any MS attacks. This we prescribe through well-health management and the Ten Point Program.

The Essential Ten Point Program

1) Assume personal responsibility – Make a commitment to overcome MS, and to improve your own physical, mental, and spiritual well-being – then victory is halfway accomplished!

2) Rest and Meditation – Rest is the basis for all health and activity. Adequate rest is the most effective way the body has in repairing itself.

3) Balanced Breathing – The majority of the energy our bodies use is from oxygen! Balanced breathing, is the most effective way for an individual to nourish every cell in one’s body, providing us with extra energy and stamina.

4) Water Therapy – Many Health systems considers MS to be a condition where the body is too dry – by hydrating the physiology any MS person can achieve increased wellness.

5) Exercise – Activity is essential to help the body stay functional! It is critically important for people with MS to undertake a gentle exercise program!

6) Diet – It is important that any MS person adopt a diet that is balanced, and wholesome that compliments their physical type. A diet rich in the building blocks of a healthy body and healthy myelin!

7) Nutritional Supplements – Adding Vitamin D, Systemic Enzymes, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin B and especially B12, and a multi-vitamin, to one’s diet can assist the rebuilding of myelin.

8) Laughter Therapy – The Healer: Laughter is the best medicine. Creating neuro-peptides associated with happiness promotes the healing response.

9) Massage – Soothing the body with a short massage helps give the physiology the opportunity to lubricate and rejuvenate itself.

10) A Balanced Life: Live a balanced life in harmony with nature to maximize the body’s ability to heal.

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