Discussing the HIV and AIDs Health Condition

Do you have HIV? Like most adults, you could be HIV positive without knowing. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one of the deadliest viruses. When HIV enters the body for the first time, it may not cause symptoms. Some people do not know they have it until the sixth week of being infected. Within six weeks of infection, most sufferers get an illness (seroconversion illness) that lasts for about fourteen days. During their illness, people get a body rash, fever or sore throat.

They usually get at least two symptoms during this short illness. After it ends, the sufferer can stay healthy for a number of years. But the Human Immunodeficiency Virus will start to damage their immune system while showing no signs. It normally destroys the CD4 or T-cells that the immune system requires to fight diseases. If a person does not get a HIV test at the nearest testing centre, the virus may cause AIDs. Everyone that does not abstain from intercourse should take the test often and use protection.

The HIV test kit can take away the shame and fear that prevents most adults from getting tested. It is sold directly to the customer on the internet. It can make the user aware of their status and enable them start their treatment as soon as possible. Resuming our discussion about AIDs, it represents Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome. The term syndrome means that AIDs is a variety of diseases caused by a virus that people pick up themselves. And when the virus enters their body, it starts to weaken their immune system.

The terms HIV and AIDs do not have a similar meaning. If one does not have the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in their blood, they cannot get an AIDs diagnosis. On the other hand, a person who is already HIV positive can get AIDs if their status is known too late. In the past, drugs that were used for HIV treatment were not as effective as the drugs we have today. Many people would get AIDs even as they received treatment.

Today many people do not get Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome because there are effective anti-HIV drugs. This has made most doctors use the terms advanced HIV disease, HIV infection or last-stage HIV infection more often than they do the term AIDs. There are more deaths from diseases like diabetes and cancers now than deaths from HIV and AIDs. The disease has become so manageable that people who have it are no longer emaciated, depressed and stigmatized.

It has become easier to live with this disease now than it was a few decades back. But there is one thing that every person who is having intercourse must do. They have to get a HIV test kit and test themselves at home. Going to the hospital for a test has become outdated these days, as people want to test for a STD in privacy. The testing kits have eliminated the discomfort and fear of embarrassment that people endured in the past.

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