Don’t Be Brought Down By a Urinary Tract Infection

For those who do not know it, yeast infections are actually caused by Candida albicans. An overgrowth of this fungus can actually cause a vaginal infection. Candida albicans are normally a part of the body but as the fungus increases in the number due to a person’s lowered resistance, it can actually cause a cheesy white discharge, some women who have experienced this infection also shows signs of irritation, intense itching as well as a burning sensation. Finally, there is a reddening effect on the affected area. Although the increase of Candida albicans is the main reason for the proliferation of the infection there are some factors that can trigger its cause. For instance, poor hygiene can be one of the factors. Women who have problems with their normal flora and their PH balance can catch the infection. Once the infection happens, the only question later on is to how to treat a yeast infection.

There are many ways on how to treat this infection. There is the natural way of handling the infection and there is also the medical way. Of course, the medical way of treating the disease would be with PH balance chemicals and other drugs that would control the PH levels inside the body. This is by far the most effective yet unnatural way in controlling the infection. Women who have tried over the counter products would actually see the results in well over a couple of days depending on the intensity of infection. There are some yeast infection medications that are actually prescribed by doctors so be sure to consult your physician first before using anything. Of course, if this does not have a good effect on the body, there are actually some natural ingredients that can be used. For instance, there are herbs that can be used for douching. Aside from herbs, there are other ingredients that can be used in how to treat a yeast infection. A good example of other natural chemicals include vinegar, acidophilus, lactobacillus based produced and even garlic gloves.

Amazingly, some experts believe that eating yogurt based products can also help treat the disease. Yogurt based products are actually effective when it comes to treating fungi, including bifidus and acidophilus products are included in the list. Yogurt is effective when it comes destroying the infection and the best thing about it is users can choose on how the yogurt is applied. Yes, this product can also be applied topically in the affected area with an applicator. Cold yogurt can be used to decrease itchiness and irritation in the affected site.

Aside from yogurt, another good way on how to treat a yeast infection would be through the use of gentian violet. This traditional remedy is actually very effective when it comes to treating vaginal infection and also other forms of diseases. Gentian violet can be bought in any pharmacies and it is actually very simple to apply. A swab is needed when applying the product. Application would be twice or three times a day depending on the condition. A thick pad can also be used for applying this remedy.

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