Female Hair Loss – Internal and External Causes

When you hear the word “bald” you immediately think of a man with a pate and /or receding hairline. The reason behind this is you usually associate baldness with males but the truth is women too suffer from hair loss that can in severe cases lead to balding.

In women hair loss is a bit difficult to detect because women are not good at disguising thinning hair or receding hairline. However, loss of hair in women may be a bit different from men and the causes behind it also differ. Therefore if you are suffering from thinning hair you need to know the causes behind it.

Internal Causes of Hair Fall in Women

1) Androgenetic alopecia- This is one of the primary causes of hair loss in women and is also known as pattern baldness. This is a kind of hereditary hair loss and can affect women at any point of time. The follicles of the hair become extremely sensitive to the androgens. The follicles have androgen receptors and the androgen instructs the follicles to produce less hair. The hair becomes finer and thinner and the growing cycle become short. Though there is no loss of the actual hair follicles it may so happen that hair production is halted altogether.

2) Telogen effluvium- This is the second most common reason behind hair loss. And the nature of condition is responsible for this. In this case hair starts to thin and the reason behind it is any kind of trauma or stress. The stress and the tension interfere with the normal rate of hair growth. A very common example of this is pregnancy. As would- be mothers are tensed and stressed out they will suffer from loss of hair. This is why women suffer for massive hair fall and thinning of hair during pregnancy.

3) Alopecia areata- This is the third common cause of hair loss in women. In this case there may be small bald patches on the head. Though much is not known about this condition as of yet it is believed this condition is related to the deficiencies in the immune system. In women hair loss caused by alopecia areata is usually not very serious and the hair may grow back after a viable span of time. However in certain cases the condition might be severe and hair may not grow back.

External Causes of Hair Fall in Women

1) It may be caused by dyes and harsh chemicals

2) Certain drugs and medication can cause loss of hair

3) Lack of zinc and iron in the body

4) Lack of proteins and fatty acids

5) Infection caused by fungi, yeast and protozoa

6) Diseases like anemia, thyroid and liver problems

7) Stress

8) Treatments like chemotherapy

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