Find Your MS Cure – Advice – Eight Months After Being Cured Of Incurable MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

I had been out running around on business and pleasure all day. A pretty blond that I had initiated contact with via an online dating site ~ in the wee hours last night had responded ~ but only to ask me how I had been cured of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

This article is the result of my reply to her.

I see that you have sent me two e-mails on behalf of your MS friends.

I could spend the next 3-hours attempting to explain how I was cured of MS ~ and not give you the quick answer that your friends with Multiple Sclerosis are likely looking for. So perhaps it is time to write and publish an ezine article which others may benefit by reading as well?

If you send me your regular e-mail address to Rascal.Miles@gmail, I will send you a link to the article when it is published. LOL It will probably be very much like you will be reading below. I think I will submit this one as “Find Your MS Cure – Advice – Eight Months After Being Cured Of Incurable MS (Multiple Sclerosis)”

Thank you for forcing me to do this. OK, Sweet Lady ~ here goes…

After a couple of years of denial ~ and finally accepting the MS diagnosis ~ when I couldn’t walk at all, I had to face the facts. YEAH, I HAD MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.

One morning, I when I went to get up, I found myself with my face on the floor by my bed. I had to crawl on my stomach to the bathroom. That was the beginning of my getting cured. “Acceptance!”

A next step was ~ for me ~ was to “Accept” the traditional MDs diagnosis only! I thank God that I didn’t however believe them that there was no cure. I never gave up “Hope”!

My 53-years on his planet had thankfully led me into the “Word of God”.

(NKJV) Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Ultimately, this would be “The Good News”. The end result is my being cured of MS 8-months ago. LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

Some of us “Hard Heads” must endure much before we are in the “Spiritual” condition to receive our “Physical” healings or cures. I certainly did. Total Incontinence was the most humiliating. I was using 20-25 disposable diapers each day. My Incontinence was cured instantly in mid-May. No, I did not “Feel” any differently at that time. Rather, I just knew. “Praise The Lord!”

The worst mistake that I made ~ on my path to renewed health ~ was to take “Traditional medicine’s” advice and start administrating their damaging drugs. It was after 4-months of giving myself shots ~ that I found myself on the floor. For the 1st time, I was in a wheelchair.

Against my neurologist’s warnings I quit doing Avonex, and refused numerous other physician offers of similar “Injectable drug companies wallet-warmers,” to whom “Traditional medicine” and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has Long-since Sold Out. Within 3-weeks I COULD AGAIN WALK. I continued to be able to ambulate for the next 4-years.

Why did I stop using the prescription drugs, you might ask?

The answer is that they are only “Thought to delay the progression of MS by up to 50%.”

I began listening to my own body, to God, and to the thousands of other on-line MSers ~ all of whom were seeking solutions to their own many Multiple Sclerosis challenges ~ via MS support and other specific disabilities interest groups.

I would encourage your 2 MS friends to do likewise.

I believe that a benevolent Father God knows how to help His children to solve their health problems. As a “Good Father”, He deals with each of us differently.

Specifically ~ God’s method of bringing about “My MS Cure” has been detailed in another of my published EzineArticles:


The summary of that published article follows:

“A Rainbow Reminder Series Article “I Am Cured Of MS!” Rascal Shouts From The Rooftop: “CURED”!

God is still in the Curing ~ Deliverance business…LOL. He told me ~ this week ~ that I am cured ~ and I Am ! Yesterday, my 16~yr~old~daughter and I went shopping for computer accessories with which to launch the cyber~space deliverance mission that The Lord has called me too. I Walked ~ using my cane ~ into Radio Shack, spent a good 45 minutes on my feet, then walked to the store next door ~ to spend another hour shopping for other things…LOL… Even my daughter was amazed! She is now an Earth~Angel…LOL [May 15, 2006 11:12:12 am]”

In mid-May ~ the ezine article was published to answer all of the “How did you get cured of MS” questions ~ rather than retell the same true story repeatedly. This is an overdue update after 8-months. Yes, I Am still cured of both MS and one of it’s major symptoms that so frustrated me, incontinence. I probably got too active ~ too fast ~ and by allowing an abuse victim to reside with me ~ I took on 5-months of stress. My walking became problimical. Now I Am coming back again fast…LOL. No Stress! Only thankfullness.

While He chose to cure me miraculously, God’s methods are not usually so dramatic. They are ~ none-the less ~ effective. Today, there is one “New Natural Nutritional Supplement” which I have seen reverse many long-term effects of long-time environmental pollution, prescription drugs, and inadequate nutritionally depleted diet. Many researchers agree that these are the true causes of Multiple Sclerosis and most of our other D.D.s (Dread Diseases).

I continue to take this supplement to affect full recovery from the long-term ravages of not having taken care of myself. A foolish man ~ I thought that I was I was invincible.

You are invited to my website where you can get 2 free samples of this awesome product. But 1st, I want to share a story from the Bible which illustrates how God really cures people.

(CEV) 2 Kings 5:1 Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army. The LORD had helped him and his troops defeat their enemies, so the king of Syria respected Naaman very much. Naaman was a brave soldier, but he had leprosy. 2 One day while the Syrian troops were raiding Israel, they captured a girl, and she became a servant of Naaman’s wife. 3 Some time later the girl said, “If your husband Naaman would go to the prophet in Samaria, he would be cured of his leprosy.”

I Am Skipping To The Major Event.

9 Naaman left with his horses and chariots and stopped at the door of Elisha’s house. 10 Elisha sent someone outside to say to him, “Go wash seven times in the Jordan River. Then you’ll be completely cured.” 11 But Naaman stormed off, grumbling, “Why couldn’t he come out and talk to me? I thought for sure he would stand in front of me and pray to the LORD his God, then wave his hand over my skin and cure me. 12 What about the Abana River or the Pharpar River? Those rivers in Damascus are just as good as any river in Israel. I could have washed in them and been cured.” 13 His servants went over to him and said, “Sir, if the prophet had told you to do something difficult, you would have done it. So why don’t you do what he said? Go wash and be cured.” 14 Naaman walked down to the Jordan; he waded out into the water and stooped down in it seven times, just as Elisha had told him. Right away, he was cured, and his skin became as smooth as a child’s.

My point is, IF You Do What A Man-Of-God tells you to do… you can be cured of all diseases ~ including MS. I feel led to say, “That if taking a ‘God-given’ supplement strikes you as too simple ~ then you might be missing out on one simple way that God cures His elect of Dread Diseases”!!!

Visit The MS section of my Jesus4You.ws website to read some other ways that many have found to cure their Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve tried most all of them. The Lord has already paid for your cure too. He wants you to be well.

God Bless You!

~Rub-it “An 8-Month Update Appears”~

Rascal :))

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