Ringworm in Humans – In Relation to Stress

Stress is a normal response or mechanism of the body in the presence of a threat or an event that requires immediate attention. The events or things that cause stress are called stressors. Stress may be good or bad. It is good when the person’s inner mechanisms are stimulated to respond to an emergency situation. However prolonged exposure to stressors may cause devastating and undesirable results. It has several disadvantages to the optimal function and well-being of an individual. Many researches and studies have proven that excessive stress could attack a healthy person’s immune system. For this matter, several infections could then invade the individual and this causes many diseases including those that are bacterial, viral and fungal in nature. An example of a weakened immune system may be seen on those who, despite rigorous hygienic practices, still end up having fungal infections or tinea infection. Why is this so?

More often, because of too much work or emotional and physical exhaustion, a person could experience burnout. This condition, characterized by too much stress could modify the normal pH of an individual. The pH or Power of Hydrogen is the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of the body. When a person experiences stress, the pH level in his blood becomes more acidic. And as it is studied and demonstrated in medical books, fungi grow abundantly in a more acidic environment. Thus, stress predisposes a person to various fungal infections.

Researches have shown that fungi are normally present in a person’s body in a controlled growth. If a person is healthy, his immune system makes sure that the pH of the body is just enough to accommodate fungi and other normal flora of microorganisms in the body. However, if the immune system of a person is threatened due to excessive stress, there is a disruption between the body’s defenses and the growth of fungi in the body. This disruption causes the elevation or abundant progress of fungi, thus, a fungal infection overtakes the host.

Prolonged stress causes not only fungal infections, such as human ringworm, but also other kinds of infections and diseases. It is of utmost importance that one should filter the thoughts entering his mind as well as the reaction that one does in the event of undesirable events. It is always healthy to develop a fit response in the event of crisis, suffering and pain. It is important for one to develop a thinking that stressors are only temporary and that everything will come to pass, and challenges are great opportunities for one to become a better individual.

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