Sinus Home Remedies

As one of the most common infection in United States, sinusitis has affected at least 37 million Americans, affecting them to take medical leave at least 4 days yearly. Sinusitis is caused by the attack of viral or bacterial on your sinus, which congest your sinus and even affect your breathing. The increase of air pollution has made the situation even worse, which makes the demand of chronic sinusitis treatment getting higher and higher.

Serious infection of sinusitis is called chronic sinusitis, which until now there is no 100% cure to it. Doctor normally will give you antibiotics or nasal spray as remedies, which only relieve your sinus congestion and will not cure it. The second option will be to undergo surgery on your sinus, which cost a lot of money and doesn’t guarantee your chronic sinusitis to be gone forever.

There are lots of sinus home remedies available and although these sinus home remedies don’t have any scientific statistics to prove it work, there are many chronic sinusitis patient share that their sinusitis did get better after undergoing such sinus home remedies. Below are a few sinus home remedies that are quite effective and did really relieve my suffering from sinusitis after trying them.

a) Increase drinking of water daily: The simplest way to cure sinusitis it to increase water drinking, as water will hydrates our body, thus will decrease the blocking of your sinus. This is because it will hydrate the mucous in your sinus, and hence prevent sinus congestion. It will also relieve your headache as mostly blockage of sinus caused headaches.

b) Have regular exercise: Having at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, or at least 3 hours per week will relieve your heart and body. Just a simple brisk walk per session, as outdoor exercise will benefit your sinus congestion problem as well as improve your health condition.

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