Sinus Infections, Sinus Problems And Asthma

For some reason or other more than 50% of people with asthma also have sinus symptoms or nasal symptoms of some kind. Oftentimes the symptoms are of an allergic nature and can be triggered by mold, animal dander, pests, pollen or dampness. If you have chronic inflammation in your nasal passages due to sinus problems this can trigger symptoms of asthma. It’s unknown just how asthma can be triggered by sinus infections or sinus problems and scientists are still working on it. What causes asthma is one of the mysteries or puzzles that affect many sinus and asthma sufferers.

One possibility is that something in the diet is causing both the sinus and asthma symptoms, in other words – from the same food source. People on vegan diets experience less sinus problems. One possibility is that the postnasal drip (the sinus drainage that goes down the back of your throat) drains into the lower airway leading to increased inflammation and hyper-reactivity. Asthma can be aggravated if the nasal obstruction causes you to breathe through your mouth. This can cause a loss of heat and moisture into the lower airways.

Until scientists determine what exactly the connection is between asthma and asthma attacks and sinusitis, sinus infections and sinus problems you want to make sure and do everything you can to control or eliminate the sinus problems. By doing so you can be in a good position to control and manage 50% of the asthma problems just by eliminating known causes of sinus problems and sinus infections.

By managing the sinus problems you should be able to experience less asthma attacks and may actually come up with the reason you’re having the asthma and sinus issues, especially by changing your diet – say to a raw food diet or raw vegan diet. That would be eliminating milk, which has long been suspect and meat, grains (which can cause celiac disease – the gluten in wheat, spelt, barley, rye, kamut and others) and wheat is the most allergic food there is. And there are other highly allergic foods to consider.

People have cured themselves of asthma; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a life sentence. Many kids have outgrown it. If you start today on working on getting rid of all the causes of sinus problems in your life you may just stop the asthma for good. Sinus medications are not the answer and may interfere with any inhalers or asthma medications you may be taking. Antibiotics are no longer routinely prescribed since most sinus infections are caused by fungi or mold and not bacteria. There are good natural home remedies for sinus infections that work.

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