The Natural Way To Treat Jock Itch

A disturbing infection called jock itch is caused by a fungi. Tinea curis can grow in your groin and genital area and cause this dreaded infection. A lot of people, especially athletes, have been suffering from this fungal infection. Fungi can grow well in dark, damp and warm environment which your groin and genital areas can provide for them. Actually, this must not cause so much panic to you. A lot of things can be done to get rid of this infection. You can use over the counter creams and medicines from physicians. There are also natural ways to treat this fungal infection. To do this natural ways correctly, there are some tips that you may need to keep in mind to have a guide.


Before you apply the natural methods, you have to determine first the cause of this infection. Too much intake of antibiotic can cause jock itch too. If this is the cause, you may need to consult the doctor to have the medicine that can fight the overgrowth of Candida albicans in your body.


It is important that you clean the affected areas. Red ring like rashes may occur. Some can even have blisters. It is important that you do natural bathing to avoid any further irritations on the skin. Avoid using anti bacterial soap to clean it. The chemicals in the soap can just irritate the rashes further. Try to use coconut oil or garlic. Mix it with the water and do your regular sitz bath.


There are a lot of topical cures that you can do to eradicate this jock itch. Garlic and coconut oil are two of the most effective that you can use. Try to mince or blend some cloves of garlic. It must be applied directly on the affected areas. Make sure that you clean the affected areas first before applying the garlic. Coconut oil can also be applied just like anti fungal creams. To keep your groin dry, try to apply some cornstarch too.


You have to be aware of some warnings also so that you will be able to keep yourself safe. A person who is suffering from hemophilia must avoid using garlic in treating jock itch. Garlic can cause some blood clotting problems. It is better to switch to coconut oil if you have this disease.


There are needed prevention that you need to do for you to cure this jock itch naturally. Try to practice good hygiene and change your clothes regularly. Make sure that you take a bath and avoid using dirty clothes. Do not make it a habit to borrow some clothes from your friends. It may cause the spread of the infection for sure.

It is very important that you will be able to cure jock itch in a natural way only. Actually, there are a lot of ways that you can do. The tips are very helpful for sure. Just keep these in mind so that you will have a guide.

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