What Is Liberation Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a currently incurable, yet treatable, disease. Not much has been researched about the condition until recent years, when Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni started a search for a cure after his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. With the little information available, he was able to reach a bit of truth. With the cause of the disease in mind, Dr. Zamboni was able to begin to develop a treatment that would really work towards the cure of multiple sclerosis.

The cause of multiple sclerosis lies in the veins close the brain lesions. As Dr. Zamboni’s discovery showed, the lesions occurred against the blood flow. What this means is, the lesions occur the the flow of the blood back towards the heart, and not from the heart to the brain. Abnormalities in the veins reduce the flow of the blood that drains from the brain to the heart. This is what we now know as CCSVI, a medical condition that narrows the veins along the spine and causes a reduction of the blood flow. This can cause a build up of iron in the brain. Lesions then occur, and multiple sclerosis is the result.

With the cause of multiple sclerosis in mind, treatments were developed by Dr. Zamboni and his team to alter these problems within the veins. To treat multiple sclerosis, the specific, abnormal veins are targeted, and then expanded with a sort of balloon-like device to increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of lesions. The expanding of the veins affected by CCSVI was permanent for a majority of the patients tested, and most showed an improvement in their conditions. Symptoms are alleviated, and the appearance of new lesions slows or disappears completely.

The reason why the Liberation treatment is so rare, and so few doctors are willing and able to do it, is because, at this point, not enough studies have been taken on to prove its effectiveness. However, it is possible for a multiple sclerosis patient to have access to this treatment. Just three doctors in the United States of America are able to skillfully perform this surgery, however, as more doctors discover the treatment, more will hopefully take on this fight for the cure. As more research is being conducted, it is important to stay informed about studies that are taking place. It may be new to the medical community now, but in time, there is a good chance that this cure will become routine.

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