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Dextromethorphan – More Than A Cold Medicine

If you have taken a cold medication, more than likely you have heard of or used a drug containing Dextromethorphan in the past. This drug is used as a cough suppressant to help those who are having trouble with bothersome coughing during a cold. While its approved use is as a cough suppressant, unfortunately there are those who have started using this drug for addictive and unapproved reasons.

About Dextromethorphan

In some cases, some drug companies are trying to get other uses for this drug approved as well. Some other uses that are being investigated, such as uses for psychological problems, multiple sclerosis, and even fibromyalgia. The drug is a great one for its' intended uses, but it does have a variety of side effects as well. Some of the side effects include vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, fever, and even high blood pressure.

Effects of Dextromethorphan Abuse

Some people may start abusing Dextromethorphan, and doing so can cause a variety of serious problems. Abusing this drug includes taking a great deal of the cough medicine in order to get a high, but it can be very dangerous. When a person begins to abuse this drug, it can lead to a variety of bad effects, such as confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, lack of coordination, vomiting, increased heart rate, and even more. In some cases, some abuses may have hallucinations. This drug can become very addictive as well, and once a person begins consuming large doses of it on a regular basis it is hard to stop.

Getting Help with Dextromethorphan Addiction

If you or someone you love is addicted to Dextromethorphan, it is important that you seek help. While it may be hard to understand why someone is addicted to a cough medicine, it can be dangerous and help is the only way to get rid of the addiction. There are people that are waiting to help those who are addicted, so get help today!

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