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Escaping With Drugs – Why Drug Addiction is So Tempting

Life seems to be full of stress and cocaine drug addiction or a different illegal drug appears to minimize this initially. Coping each day can be a struggle, whether it’s from one’s work, family life, school pressures, business deadlines or difficult childhood memories. In speaking to people at my counseling job, those involved with drug addiction whether with marijuana, cocaine, crack or prescription abuse have all told me that the ordinary escape routes like watching dvds or going to a park are not intense enough to numb their pain.

When finding answers or using ordinary outlets for stress seem to fail, drug indulgence can appear to offer relief. Also if there is a tragedy such as death of a close friend or relative or an injury that changes your life, relief through drugs to stop the emotional pain is quite tempting. Analyzing what drives you or your loved one to be involved in drug addiction habits is important. Identifying the underlying factors will show you some of the root causes. If there is a sense of just being overwhelmed, break it down into specifics. Don’t just say everything stresses me out, but identify the top three triggers of stress.

One reason people find drugs to be a powerful escape is that it can make them feel detached temporarily from these concerns. It is good to know that there is a way to be in the midst of life’s challenges but still have some sense of detachment. However, taking illegal drugs is not a true solution and doesn’t give you the tools to stay detached when your boss yells at you or your child ignores you. By finding genuine tools for drug addiction recovery, the detachment and peace that drugs appear to give you can be attained without the negative side effects.

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