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Preventing Teen Drug Addiction

Teen drug addiction can be a frightening path to travel down as a mother, father or friend of an addict. There are some instances in which there is nothing to do in preventing a drug addiction in a teenage child. Although, in some cases taking preventative action can sway a teen from making a poor decision with respects to an addiction. So what are some preventative steps parents can take in assisting their teen in making healthy and positive decisions about drugs?


First, it is pertinent that a teenager always know that they can speak with their parents or close friends about any issues that may arise in their personal lives, including that of drugs or drug addiction. If they know they have someone to speak to regarding such issues, they may come to inquire about drug use and/or drug abuse before they choose to experiment with such a harmful substance.

Also, informing your teenager about the health risks, financial stresses and negative lifestyle aspects that exist with drug abuse can also prove helpful. If a child knows and understands these risks, they may be inclined to make positive decisions relating to the determent of drug use or experimentation in the future.

Acting As A Role Model:

One of the best preventative steps one can take with respects to teenage drug addiction is to act as a responsible role model. Whether you are the parent, family member or close friend of a teenager, know that they will often act as will those around them. With this being said, using or abusing drugs in or out of the teenager’s presence may be a link to that teenager experimentation or abuse of a harmful substances in the future.

Limiting Exposure To Bad Influences:

Researchers claims that over fifty percent of teens will use and/or abuse a harmful substance if they see their friends or close relatives doing so on a regular basis. It has been stated by many teens that drugs appear to be less harmful and risky if they see a friends using them first.

With this being said, it is important for family members and parents of a teen to limit their exposure to bad influences in their life. Don’t hesitate to get to know your teen’s friends better, and ask questions about where your teen is going on a regular basis. Asking questions and understanding your teenager’s relationships will better assist you in leading them down a more positive and drug free path.

If you are a teenager, or know of a teenager who is currently suffering from a harmful drug addiction, it is of best interest to contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center at earliest convenience. Professionals within these centers can assist teens and their family in choosing a rehab program that best fits their individual needs.

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