Drug Abuse

The Use of Drug Free Slogans

A large number of people have been addicted to drugs in the modern world. In addition, more and more people are becoming drug addicts, day by day. As numbers of drug addicts grow rapidly, the strength of anti-drug abuse campaigns should also increase. Only then will we be able to inhibit the further development of the situation. The proper use of drug free slogans is of vital importance in the campaign against the abuse of drugs.

There are three factors to be considered when creating an anti-drug abuse slogan. The first factor to be considered is the content. The content refers to the information given to the public. The content should be precise and clear. For example, the slogan “Fight cancer-quit smoking” will give the reader immediate information that this campaign concentrates on the adverse effects of smoking. The second factor to be considered is the length of the slogan. Naturally, the shorter the slogan (lesser the number of words), the easier it is to read the slogan and remember it. As an example, the aforementioned slogan has only four words. A reader can easily read and remember the slogan.

The third factor to be considered is the ‘proper combination of words’. The slogan should be designed to deliver a powerful message which will be retained by all its readers. Powerful words help to create a powerful slogan. Powerful words can be used to call for immediate action. Also the sequence of words is important. The attention of the reader should be captured by the first word of the slogan and retained (or increased) by subsequent words. For example, the aforementioned slogan has the word ‘Fight’ which is a powerful word. Successful drug free slogans can only be created after these three factors are thoroughly considered.

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