Drug Abuse

Why Drugs Are Attractive to the Young

Drugs have become more and more prevalent among the young people recently. The number of the youth drug users is on the constant rise in past few years, which lead to the public concern. The following is the analysis why drugs appeal to the young people.

Under the growing pressure, such as the peer pressure and the pressure to succeed, the teenagers are more likely to resort to the drug to evade the painful pressure. With drug, they may temporarily escape reality and forget their problem. Some young people even have the sense that they are more accepted by their friends by using drug together. In these days, through the media publicity which glamorize the drug use, the youth are exposed the idea that drug users are attractive.

Furthermore, teenagers are usually naturally curious about drugs, and drug dealers can take advantage of this curiosity for their own profit. Once they have a try, they are easily addicted. Almost all drugs have the potential for addiction and abuse.

Drug abuse among the youth will lead to many problems. These drugs affect users’ brains and bodies in different ways. It is believed that proper use of the drug can bring the relaxed feeling, relieve the pain. However and stimulate appetite. However, excessive use of drug has many drawbacks. It may lead to memory and learning impairment, which is harmful to their future study. The youth may commit crime to get drug, thus bring themselves the high fines and prison sentences.

The society put much expectation on the younger generation, so the parents, the teachers and the government should make efforts to fight against the youth drug abuse. Prevention is much better than the cure, so a good education program is needed to make the youth know the danger of the drug abuse.

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