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Electrical Fields Aggravating Tinnitus

For many years there have been reports of electrical fields aggravating tinnitus. As far as technical data to support this phenomenon goes, there has been very little. On the other hand numerous of tinnitus sufferers including myself, before I found a cure, have experienced an increase in the sounds of tinnitus when around electrical fields.

One theory on why this happens is that some of the suspected causes of tinnitus can be influenced by electricity. It is important to remember that tinnitus is a not a disease it is actually a symptom of another underlining problem. An electrolyte abnormality can cause tinnitus and some believe high doses of electrical fields can potentially aggravate tinnitus to a certain degree.

People that suffer from Meniere’s disease have reported that an increase in tinnitus occurs in electrical fields. This is because the fluid in the inner ear doesn’t function correctly at regulating balance. Electric fields aggravating tinnitus also effects this fluid in the ear further disrupting balance and causing dizziness or vertigo as well as an increase in the ringing sound associated with tinnitus.

Many people report that tinnitus increases around electrical fields but not an increase in any other symptoms that is related to other ear disorders other than Meniere’s disease. Therefore, if you are suffering an increase of ringing in the ears around high voltage power lines or other electrical fields you could be suffering from Meniere’s disease which can be treated with success.

The good news is that many people have been treated by doctors and been able to decrease their tinnitus. In some cases the tinnitus was cured completely. Many doctors usually prescribe some home treatments for tinnitus that have great success in cases where the tinnitus is mild. In severe cases the tinnitus can be reduced by 80% to 90%. If you experience electrical fields aggravating tinnitus as many other people have then it’s a safe bet that there are ways your physician can prescribe help.

At this point it would not be a good idea to assume you have Meniere’s disease based solely on experiencing increased symptoms of tinnitus if you suspect you are in a high intensity electrical field. However, if you suspect that the reason for increased noises in your ear is the result of electrical fields than you may be correct if you have had tinnitus symptoms prior to exposure.

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