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Hearing Loss, Hyperacusis and Tinnitus: Discovering the Life Changing Ear Conditions

There are different kinds of diseases that can affect our ears. Although some of them cannot really change the way we live and may have insignificant effect on our hearing, there are ear conditions that can enormously alter our normal lives. Among the maladies that can create a great amount of difficulty in our life include hearing loss, hyperacusis and Tinnitus. None of us would want to undergo the ordeal that comes with these diseases. Having the right information on what causes these conditions and how you can prevent them is one of the weapons that we can use to avoid acquiring them and what we can do once we have them.

Hearing loss affects millions of people in the world regardless of age, gender or social status. However, it is more common among those that are 60 years old and above. It is caused by factors including congenital diseases, heredity, aging and an abrupt or prolonged exposure to loud levels of sounds and noises. There are cases wherein the loss of hearing is sudden while there other instances when it occurs gradually. Furthermore, ototoxicity is also one of the common culprits that can bring about hearing loss. These ototoxic drugs consist of some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and chemotherapy drugs. Hearing loss is an irreversible ear condition. What we can do if we experience it is to use devices like hearing aids to amplify the sounds allowing us to hear them.

Hyperacusis on the other hand is the oversensitivity to various levels of noises. This is a very trying disease considering that even environmental and normal sounds are intolerable. It is basically caused by damage in the inner ear. This damage is often brought about by an exposure or overexposure to high levels of sounds. Aside from that, inner ear ailments such as Meniere’s Disease can also cause this problem. Head injuries are also though to create this condition. It is believed that it also occurs due to the damage in the nerve that connects the brain and the ear. There are medications that can lessen sensitivity to the sounds and there also devices like noise maskers that can make sounds less intense that what a person with this condition hears.

Tinnitus is basically the constant ringing, clicking, buzzing chirping or roaring noise in the ear. This noise occurs without any real reason unlike that of hyperacusis wherein the external sounds just seem to be too amplified. It is caused by various kinds of medical maladies that include hypertension, hearing loss, otosclerosis, ear infection, stress, abnormality in the blood flow and many others. Unluckily, this condition does not have any accurate cure. But there are remedies that can be used to make it less painful and to decrease the annoying sound that it brings. You will have to identify and treat the disease that is causing your Tinnitus to be able to eradicate it.

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