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Know Your Hearing Aid Manufacturers

As soon as you start to look at hearing aids you will quickly start to realize just how much choice there is out there! Just how can you be sure exactly which type of hearing aid is best for you.

We will now take a look at some of the most popular hearing aid manufacturers and see exactly what they offer


Rion is a Japanese company, and so quality should come naturally to them! All types of hearing aids are made by Rion, and they are well known for their water resistant models. These are often the preferred brand when water resistance is desired. Rion also produce bone conduction hearing aids. Basically Rion make all the types of hearing aid you could ever want.


Widex is Danish and has been established for about 50 years. They manufacture behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), and completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids. They are well known for the Senso Diva range of hearing aids, these have special background noise reduction technology. Widex also produce products for the Diva Music Program, this is designed to help people who suffer from hearing loss enjoy their music.


Starkey produce all types of hearing aids and offers very good warranties on all of their products, they are good quality, and offer great customer service. They will also take your old hearing aid off your hands, repair them, and then supply them to less fortunate people.


I’m sure everybody knows siemens, it’s a huge company and the biggest manufacturer of hearing aids in the US, it actually holds about one fifth of the entire hearing aid market, which is very impressive. Siemens make a wide range of hearing devices, not just limited to digital hearing aids.


Belltone has been around some time now, it has recently been brought up by GN Resound. Their most popular hearing aid is the Oria, this uses dual microphones and also a speech detection system to automatically target the speaker’s voice.


Unitron make the popular Liason hearing aids. These hearing aids have great feedback reduction technology, and also a system that prevents wind noise and whistling. They also produce the popular Conversa model that is designed primarily with phone conversations in mind, it also aims to minimise background noise.


Phonak is a huge company from the same country as Ikea (Sweden!), it holds some 15% of the hearing aid market in America. Phonak offers a very wide range of products, including accessories for other hearing aids. All Phonak hearing aids are fitted with sensors that automatically adjust the sound depending on the environment.

Make sure you test drive a couple of hearing aids before making your final choice, also remember to consult your audiologist to get some much needed advice.

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