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Problems Related To Muffled Hearing

Muffled hearing in one ear is seen in some people. This condition decreases the ability of the person to hear. The muffling suppresses certain sounds. There is no hearing loss, but the intensity of the sound is lost making the conversation to be inaudible.

There are many different causes that may lead to muffled hearing in one ear. The cause of the problem needs to be treated to overcome the muffling in the ear. Wax present in the ear is the main cause of this problem. Wax can clog one of the ears and this reduces the intensity of the sound that enters the ear. The simple remedy for this problem is to remove the wax and the muffling will disappear and the person will be able to become normal again.

There could also be an infection in the ear which leads to the muffling in one ear. The presence of this condition is commonly called as glue ear and is medically known as otitis media. This infection usually occurs in the middle ear. The disease causes the entrapment of fluid in the ear which decreases the sounds that are heard by the person. There could also be infections present in the other parts of the ear, which could also lead to muffling of one ear.

Similar hearing loss can be caused by swelling in the ear. The presence of swelling decreases the area of air entry in the ear. This causes the person to suffer from a decrease in the ability to hear. If antibiotics are used regularly, it will reduce the infection as well as the swelling.

The muffling in the ear can also be caused by the damage to the ear drum. There are many mechanisms that cause injury to the ear drum and the extent of muffling in the ear depends on the amount of damage that has occurred in the ear drum. The presence of any benign or malignant tumor can also cause the muffling in the ear which has been affected.

Those who are suffering from muffling in the ear need to immediately visit a physician to get the condition rectified. Simple treatment will resolve the condition. If it leads to permanent damage and inability to hear, hearing aids can be used to overcome muffled hearing in one ear.

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