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TMJ Hearing Loss – Your Best Treatment Option

TMJ can cause many problems to your health is the symptoms goes unchecked. TMJ hearing loss is one of these problems. While it can seem frightening at first, it is reversible, you just need to know how.

Option 1: You can pay a few hundred dollars to get a TMJ guard. These mouth guards work sometimes. The mouth guards are meant to relieve stress on the masticatory muscles, which allows the muscles inside the ear to relax, which results in better hearing.

But these mouth guards don’t always work, they are expensive and frankly they are pretty annoying to sleep with. Expect to see some results after about six weeks of using mouth guard.

Option 2: The second and much more effective option is using TMJ exercises. Some therapists have developed specialised exercises for TMJ patients that massage, stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscles in your mouth and jaw to fix TMJ hearing loss and other TMJ symptoms.

The reason these exercises are so effective at treating TMJ ear problems is because they actually fix the root causes of TMJ. Mouth guards simply don’t realign your jaw well enough or consistently enough to be pushed as an effective treatment for TMJ hearing loss.

Which ever treatment you choose to pursue, make sure you do it as soon as possible. Like many conditions, TMJ can become quite serious if the symptoms are allowed to continue. Starting exercises early is a great idea and will give you a great chance of early recovery.

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