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Bulimia Is Not a Diet Plan

Bulimia is not a diet plan. Bulimia is not an activity that some people choose to join in on. Bulimia is a serious addiction problem that can destroy your life and your physical and mental health. Those who have bulimia have an abnormal dependency on the feeling they get from controlling their own body to the point of going against one of the strongest primal urges we have.

Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that not only causes issues with our eating habits but this disorder can cause stressful anxiety and depression issues. These issues are not only caused by this condition, but they can be the cause of the condition. In this circular relationship food becomes a tool that is used to reward and punish simultaneously.

The cycle of addiction starts with the feelings of inadequacy and triggers the binging and purging. With each cycle the addiction gets stronger as it causes shame and guilt which then turn into more binging and purging. The body takes its nutrients from food it digests. If you are not allowing the food to stay in your system long enough for the nutrients to be absorbed before purging yourself your body will not get the nutrients it needs. This causes the body to begin to wear down increasing the stress on the body.

Binging and purging are not the only phases of bulimia. Though short at times there is also the planning phase. For some this phase can consume their consciousness, from morning till night, anytime that they are awake, the next binge is being planned.

Though for others, especially those who tell themselves that was the last time each time that they purge, this phase may only last a couple of moments before another session of binging begins. During the planning phase tension builds and it explodes into a binging cycle. Quite often the amount of attention that has built is proportionate to the amount of binging that will be given into.

Most treatments for bulimia are a temporary fix. Hospitalization and other support groups are only effective while the patient has the direct support. As soon as a bulimic is put back into of a situation with large amounts of pressure and little to no support bulimia out will again take over.

Bulimia patients who gain control of bulimia while they are in treatment or hospitalized generally are unable to deal with pressure of a real life. This is because these programs are not set up to teach the patient to deal with real life pressure independently.

For treatment programs to be successful bulimic needs to understand the seriousness of the situation. Bulimics who believe that bulimia is safe and that they have control of it will continue to struggle with their condition. Without this understanding success in any form of treatment program or plan is quite limited.

True recovery for patients with bulimia begins with re-building there self-image and making life changes. These changes include healthy dietary choices. Understanding as well as implementing healthy dietary and exercise plans is also needed. It is not possible to have a healthy body if you deny it the nutrients that it needs to grow. Eating the right amounts of a wide variety of healthy foods is the best way to give your body the nutrition that it needs.

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