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Bulimia Tips – No 1 – Decide That You’re Fed Up With ED (Eating Disorder)

The first of the bulimia tips that I can offer, as a recovered bulimic and mentor for those seeking help with bulimia, is to identify the fact that you are fed up with your eating disorder. There are two tough questions you need to ask yourself:

Is it you or your eating disorder that’s in control?

Is your life unmanageable because of your eating disorder?

Answering these two questions honestly will help you decide that you are really fed up with your eating disorder and that you are ready to look at practical bulimia tips to start the process of recovery.

Consider how your bulimia has and is continuing to impact your life. You think about food all the time. You are spending time, money and energy to stock up on binge foods, all of which could be better spent in some other way. You are expending more resources isolating yourself and making sure that no one gets to know your secret just so that you can continue your self-destructive behavior.

You may go years without telling a single soul of your shameful, painful secret about binging and purging every day. You may even have episodes 10 times in one day. You are suffering and dealing with the pain, the shame and the sadness all on your own.

If this resonates with you, you know that you are in fact fed up with your life of bulimia and ready to make good use of the bulimia tips that I can offer you.

If you are already suffering from the symptoms of bulimia like tooth erosion, hair loss and electrolyte imbalance, then you know what the disease is doing to you. You also know that if you don’t get help it will get worse and in the end bulimia could kill you.

If you’re not seeing the warning signs just yet, it is only because they are subtle right now and you will see them all too soon. Meanwhile you have probably realized that you can’t use bulimia to avoid your troubles. They stay with you no matter how much you eat and how much you purge.

And here is one of my bulimia tips that may help convince you if nothing else will – your bulimia is like a friend that is lying to you to stay friends with you. ED will trick you into thinking your eating disorder is the only way to live. It will tell you your problems are too painful to face. It lies and tells you the trauma you suffered in life will kill you if you ever had to really deal with it. Sorry to say, this is simply your eating disorder twisting the truth so you stay trapped in your addiction. When you come to terms with what you’re doing to yourself and how it’s running your life you will see that ED needs to go if you’re ever going to be happy.

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