Eating Disorders

Common Eating Disorders

According to estimates from the National Institute of Mental Health, between 5 and 10% of girls and women and a million boys and men suffer from eating disorders. Although eating disorders are more prevalent among young women, older women and many men are affected.

Although these eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa, binge eating rates very high on this list. It is believed that as many as 15% of young women have unhealthy attitudes and behaviors towards food.

It must be noted that an eating disorder is an illness. Eating disorders are caused by a variety of emotional factors and influences. They have a profound effect on the sufferer and their family. Eating disorders are almost always a sign of low self esteem.

Dieting is all about losing weight in a healthy manner. Eating disorders, on the other hand, are about seeking approval and acceptance from others through negative attention. Many with an eating disorder feel that their life will not be good until they lose a lot of weight. They spend hours agonizing over the way they look, and find fault with their appearance even though there is nothing wrong with the way they look.

People who diet wish to lose weight in a healthy way. They know that they’re overweight, and do something positive about it. Eating disorders are driven by image. People with eating disorders are trying to control their life and their emotions through the use of food or the lack of food. This can never be a healthy lifestyle.

A compulsive over eater is aware that they’re eating patterns are not normal. Generally, compulsive overeating starts in early childhood when we began to develop our eating patterns. These people have never learned how to deal with stressful situations properly, and instead use food as a way of coping. Typically, a high proportion of compulsive over eaters are male.

Today, government statistics show that 33% of children are obese. We as a nation do not take compulsive overeating seriously enough. Instead of treating compulsive overeating for what it actually is, we instead focus on diet centers and health spas. This does not give the participant the help they really need. Compulsive overeating is a very serious problem which can lead to death. Given the proper treatment, which should include therapy and medical counseling, this condition can be overcome.

Although there are different types of eating disorders, compulsive overeating is probably the most common one. If you would like more information on common eating disorders, visit our website today.

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