Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders – Things You Need to Know About Your Bad Eating Habits

An eating disorder is characterized by an irregular eating habit. It is a disorder wherein you will either eat less or eat more than you should. A bad eating habit can affect your health eventually, if not treated right away.

All over the world, male and female are suffering from bad eating habit. However the women are the ones who have the highest rate of reported cases, as a matter of fact 5-10 million of women in the United States have eating disorder, compared to men who just average 1 million. This figure is in the US alone, how much more if we include other English countries.

Most people develop this disorder simply because they often associated sexiness or good health to being lean and thin. When in fact, it is the exact opposite of the truth, you may look good like the model in the magazine, but if you have been throwing up or vomiting every time you eat then it does not compensate even if you look good, especially if you ended up in the hospital.

Looking good and sexy does not mean you have to eat less, just to look thin. After all, there are other ways to reduce weight and maintain your figure other than not eating properly. Thousands of people die each year from their eating disorder, and thousands will still die because of their ignorance and lack of self-respect.

Teenagers are the ones who are affected aside from females. They are often the victim of too much self-conscious, particularly with their body. As they go through puberty and other physical changes, coupled by social and peer pressure, hence they are more likely to fall into a bad eating habit. Once this happen, you will need all the help you can get.

Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are examples of bad eating habit that can have an effect on your physical health and social life. If you have become too obsessed with your weight, that you have already lose weight tremendously, or your normal routine has already changes and most important when your body functions is no longer performing the way it used to be. Then it is time to consult with a professional.

In truth, eating disorder is cause by psychological problems, a condition wherein your way of thinking is a bit distorted. Bad eating habit is actually a result of negative thoughts and insecurities about your own body. It is not a disease that you acquire from someone, by touch or physical contacts. It is a problem created by wrong beliefs and irregular eating habit, something that you can fix if you want too.

Keep in mind that bad eating habit if not treated or stopped right away, may be difficult to break later. So if you want to be free from your eating disorder, and eat normally then you should seek immediate treatment and proper care right away.

Do not attempt to treat yourself, since it might backfire and become worse. It is the last thing you need, so be smart and find help straightaway.

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