Eating Disorders

Food Addiction Treatment

While drug and alcohol addiction is very common, not many people may have heard about food addiction. But it might be interesting to know that such an addiction exists and there are treatment programs also to treat this addiction.

Earlier there was a different way of treating eating disorder where the patients were asked to refrain from a set of foods and they were asked to weigh the food that they eat, even in public places. This kind of a behavior would naturally make the patient feel embarrassed and thus result in non compliance to the treatment plan. However, the present treatment methods have changed in recent times and the programs do not have a restriction on what food is being eaten or how much is being eaten.

In fact, these programs try to get to the root of the problem because of which the patient has become a food addict. These treatment programs encourage the patients to stick to the healthy eating plans provided by the center. Moreover, the food addiction programs today do not follow a general plan for all patients; rather they have an individualistic approach. Hence, a food addiction program these days may contain dietary classes, art and recreational therapy, nutritional classes,

This is not all; some food addiction treatment programs also include holistic services like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage etc.

Hence, if one thinks that one has cravings for a particular food or if the person just wants to binge, then it is time to find out a rehab center which can help.

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