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Hormonal Imbalance – The Cause of My Secondary Infertility – Get Informed and Set Yourself Free!

Hormonal balance is essential for good health and immunity and especially for women, hormones play a very vital role in their health and well-being- Lack or deficiencies in this regard, leads to hormonal imbalance.

Secondary infertility means that couple has at least one biological child but are having difficulty in conceiving for the second time. Secondary infertility may happen at any time and the causes are almost identical to those of primary infertility.

Are you dealing with secondary infertility as a result of hormonal imbalance? Be assured that you are not alone in your struggle with trying to get pregnant again.I had my daughter three years ago and when she was exactly three years old, series of questions as to when we were going to have another baby came fast and furiously.I was not bother initially, but after nine months of trying to get pregnant naturally, which also include different postures of “lovemaking sessions” it was unable to procure us a viable fetus. Unfortunately the physician diagnosed me with secondary infertility and advised us that our best odds at conceiving were via medical intervention.

For my husband and I, the whole process of dealing with our diagnosis of secondary infertility and the battery of tests which ensued; having my fallopian tubes essentially snaked and his sperm scrutinized -months of painful injections, blood test, sonograms and insane mood swings all took a very heavy toll on our marriage.

Through these painful experience, i was able to Discover the Causes of Secondary Infertility as a result of Hormonal imbalance.

Hormone imbalance symptoms in women varies, depending on the type of imbalance. There are many factors that disrupt the hormonal balance and a normal menstrual cycle.Intake of birth control pills and stress can result in hormonal imbalance. Caffeine, alcohol, drug use and poor nutrition also changes the proteins in the brain and affects normal ovulation as the brain can no longer send proper signals. Adrenal exhaustion, eating disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and abnormal cervical mucus are the other major factors causing hormone imbalance and affecting normal ovulation in women.

Some of the general symptoms are:The natural decline in ovarian function that occurs with advancement in age, Changes in menstruation, Weight gain, Acne, Depression, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Anxiety, Urinary tract infections, Fatigue, Low sex drive, Headaches, Endometriosis, and Water retention. Some other hormonal imbalances can be hypothyroidism, a change of lifestyle, change in health or certain medications.

Hormonal treatment has to be properly planned and controlled and is always very successful, even in severe forms.Natural Hormonal therapy was the cure to my secondary infertility. This can be achieved by first of all having a Complete Medical checkup.

Secondly, your lifestyle can play a vital role in your fertility, so check to see if you have made any lifestyle changes that might be affecting your fertility such as smoking, alcohol and working in an hazardous environment.

While trying to get pregnant, another major factor to avoid is Stress. The stress hormone cortisol interferes with ovulation, which leads to decrease in fertility. As much as possible, you need to reduce stress.Reducing stress can be done in different ways. Generally, reducing stress hormone levels involves a change in diet and exercising. Meditation has also been proved an effective stress buster. A short vacation will be a good idea, to rejuvenate your body.

These natural hormonal therapy, corrected my ovulation disturbances and all other hormonal imbalance symptoms i was experiencing in the past.I conceived and now have a healthy baby boy!

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