Eating Disorders

Obsession With Food Disorder – The Whys And Wherefores

The obsession with food disorder may be an expression of unexpressed trouble existing in a person’s life. Repression can do that and this shows the need for sharing things with others and speaking up to the right people at the right time.

Self disclosure and mutual respect are ways to connect with another. Bottling in things will only force them out in an unsavoury way. It is better to speak up and be ignored or disregarded than not to speak up at all. Airing your concerns acts like a circuit-breaker and can save your relationship and health and wellbeing in the same way that an electrical circuit is protected.

Even if we are prevented from expressing what we feel we should, it is necessary to verbalise it to ourself, in order to keep centered and be mindful of what we think. If it does not conform to other’s ways of thinking or doing, then so be it.

A person’s perception of being overweight can be unrealistic or at least exaggerated, also. The time at which many females start being concerned and start losing weight is when they fall prey to the images and messages of what beauty and attractiveness is. This can happen it they are not grounded well enough with those around them in a beneficial way.

A significant amount of men & women are willing to trade time for meeting their weight goals. This shows how important it is to them.

Images of women on the media make a lot of women feel unsure of their own image and can lead to the obsession with food disorder. They tend to be taller & lighter than the usual female in the street, but some are anorexic, so they are bad examples.

Dieting is notorious for failure and girls are over represented, but it helps them feel better about themselves. It also takes people away from a natural rhythm instead of using a program of readily available produce. Significant numbers of both sexes tend to diet.

Weight gain is feared highly by adolescent girls. Obese children are often seen as quite unattractive, compared to non-obese ones.

As mental disorders go, binge eating is the most lethal and can cause big health imbalances. It appears that people can live longer if they have sufficient amounts of food and not over eat. Keeping to a moderate food intake puts a moderate working strain on the body, so it can operate better and for longer. Exercise addiction and binge eating often go together as do quite low self-esteem and eating disorders.

Of course a positive self-image is desirable and comes about by making sure that you get the true perception of how you appear and do not compare yourself with others. Individuals are stand-alone in a free society and health is more important. What is healthy will bring with it good looks, so there is no need to go out of oneself and be something that we are not and endanger our health. Being in tune with our bodily and mental needs and getting good professional advice will do the job nicely of avoiding the obsession with food disorder.

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