Eating Disorders

Signs To Notice About Annorexia And Bulimia Nervosa

There are many signs to look for if you are thinking that you know someone who is going through an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. I have battled with those two eating disorders and these are the main signs to look for based on my own personal experiences.

Lies about eating:

If you ask your child if they have eaten and they respond ‘yes’ ask what they’ve eaten and double check after they are gone. Once my parents asked if I had eaten breakfast and I said yes. Later that day my mom asked why I lied. I lied because I didn’t want them to make me eat. So if your child is lying about eating….then that’s a pretty big sign that something might be going on.

Going to the bathroom right after a meal:

This is a big hint that perhaps they are purging up what they had just eaten.

Bruises on the body and bruised/ scratched knuckles:

When I was really badly bulimic, my knuckles were all scratched up from me sticking my finger down my throat. Also, for some reason, I had bruises up my arms and randomly on my legs. I believe just the smallest touch was bruising me…another sign of bulimia.

Mood swings/ emotional:

I can tell you this, during my eating disorders I was rarely medium in my moods. It was either really high highs or really low lows. During my really low lows, it wouldn’t take much to make me cry.

Fluctuation in body weight:

Most of the time I would go through stages, therefore meaning that perhaps one month I would be ten pounds lighter than the previous month, then the next month I would gain that ten pounds back.

Obsessively working out:

Working out more than once every day is way overdoing it. This would be a pretty big sign that they are becoming obsessed with their body image. I would some day’s work out in the morning, have my weight lifting class and also have racquetball practice.

Always talking negatively about their body:

I was not only shy about my body with my boyfriends, but I would also degrade anything and everything I hated about my body to them. I would smoothly work it in like for example “where’s the ping pong ball?” he asks. Turning around I realize it’s right behind my butt. So I say, “oh it’s behind my fat ass.” I love to slip negative things about my body, I don’t know why. But that is a big sign that even though they may laugh afterwards, there is still some truth in what they say. At least that’s most likely what they think. A lot of jokes are based on truth. Remember that.

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