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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Gastritis and Gastric Ulcer

Gastritis is a functional abnormality of the stomach characterized by various symptoms, with pain, or heartburn, indigestion and heartburn, the most common. Gastritis may be acute or chronic.

In the first case they are older and manifest themselves through phases in which the symptoms are more pronounced and, in acute, occur due to causes more recent, as a share of drugs in the gastric mucosa, poisoning, poor nutrition and others.

Gastritis is inflammation and irritation of the membranes of the stomach. The gastric ulcer is wound a wound-in-lining of the stomach, duodenum or small intestine.


Dyspepsia, poor digestion, vomiting, headache, acidity, burning and discomfort. In the case of ulcer, feels pain in her stomach.


The main causes are alcohol, coffee, fried foods and spices in general. Stress, nervousness and anxiety also give cause for gastritis. Gastritis is often associated with nervous factors, psychosomatic, eating habits or as a result of stressful lifestyles and unbalanced. There is also a relevant factor that heredity is where people are more susceptible to this disease. Recently, theories have emerged pointing to the possibility of the bacterium Helicobacter pilorii developing gastritis and ulcers. The evolution of gastritis can cause stomach ulcers.


Must be eliminated using some seasonings, spices, pepper, alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages, some painkillers and tablets for frying. It is recommended that the intake of foods such as cheese, flour, cereals, baked potato, soup noodles and chicken, boiled egg…

It is also advisable to make several light meals instead of 2 or 3 abundant. The ingestion of Aloe Vera juice is also very beneficial – starting with a small amount – 25 ml, diluted with water to increase the amount after one week of initial use.

The use of tea as Espinheira Santa has proven analgesic effect in addition to its healing action. Warning: If you see signs of blood in the stool, see a doctor quickly.

Natural therapy against gastritis

  • Bee Propolis
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe) Juice – Take a dose of 30ml (3 tbsp) 30 minutes before meals
  • Espinheira Santa
  • Wheat Germ
  • Balm (a handful of leaves in a 250 ml beaker of water in a blender and hits, it takes two times a day once in the fasting state and one afternoon – half cup at a time).
  • Ipe Roxo
  • Zedoaria
  • Resin Jatoba
  • Burdock
  • Artemisia

Tea against gastritis and ulcers

– Take a sheet of spinach, boiling and taken 3-4 times a day.

– Diet without Pope rice flavor which must be used for some time.

– Cabbage Juice fasting all day in the morning…

– For gastritis, ulcers and inflammation in general, place 20 grams of the herb called sucuuba (Hymath Scuubas) in one liter of boiling water. Let cool and drink 3-4 cups per day.

– Liquefy 1 large potato (or 2 medium) and take a small glass of “milk” 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner;

GASTRITIS: Treat for 2 weeks;

ULCER: treat for 1 month.

Indicated plants

Ambrette, Amelo, Artemisia, Burdock, Calamus aromatic, Cam├ędrio, Centaurea Major, Ceveda (Seed), Flax (seed), white horehound (leaves), Miglio (seed), Parietaria, Salgueirinha.

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