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The Surest 3 Ways to Stop Late Night Binge Eating

You’ve made it all day eating right but as soon as night time hits you become a big time eater. I’ve been there, which is why I’m giving you the surest 3 ways to stop late night binge eating.

This eating disorder also known as “night eating syndrome” is hard to crack especially if you’ve fell pray to it for a long time. Some of the reasons for it is the types of foods we eat, our social life, and mindset!

Why do you need to know this?

Because each treatment weighs on the causes….

The Foods You Eat

The first cause of night eating is the food. Usually their rich in artificial ingredients that spike your insulin. Causing your sugar levels to drop and your body asking for more. Keeping those levels high! Replace those foods with more nutrient dense foods. “I’m not saying diet. But what I am saying is, if you replace “Pizza Hut” with homemade pizza you’ll take in less calories, eat less of it, and benefit more because of the amount of nutrients in it.

Lack Of Progress

Shame, poor social acceptance, and lack of progress puts you in a state of depression. And it’s easier to cope with pressure with food then GENUINE POSITIVE ACTION. But I challenge you the next time your feeling this way you choose a different alternative than food.


Most people think their thinking but their mind is just busy! So stop and collect your thoughts and ask yourself do you need to overeat this late at night!

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