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Treatment to Anorexia – Treat it Using Group Therapy

Anorexia nervosa has been a problem for both men and women for years now and there are many institutions and help centers that offers help to the people who suffer this kind of eating disorder. There are many types of therapy help centers offer for anorexics, but one of the most effective of it all is the group therapy.

Treating anorexia using group therapy involves the group sharing, where people who suffer the same kind of eating this order shares to you why they are suffering this sickness and what they did to recover from it. The objective of this kind of therapy is to know the cause and find the solutions so that the members involved in the therapy can help heal each other together.

This kind of therapy offer different kinds of advices that can help a person cope from their eating disorder. Group therapy are strictly supervised in order to help reduce the isolation many anorexics may feel. Many anorexic patients during their group sharing are very emotional and vulnerable, common stories they will tell to their fellow group mates is that they are depressed physically and emotionally that are caused by 3 factors;

1. Family issues –

Pressure from their families especially those who are the perfectionist type, stress and depression can help accelerate the anorexic process. Anorexic females are more to suffer from this kind of problem, for their parents are more strict with them than with their sons.

2. Friends and social environment mocking –

Growing up is very hard especially when you have those friends, classmates or schoolmates who are bullies. When you are the fat type of person, growing up will really be hard for you. This is one of the most common reason teenage women and men suffer their depression and destroys their self esteem.

3. Media influence –

Media influence can be good or bad, it depends on the person on how they can handle it. Just like when a person can see advertisements of lose weight products or how to look good and etc. This promotional products, supplements can help a person, but not all of them.

Group therapy is a very effective way to help anorexics recover, it has been proven for years now. If you are suffering from this kind of eating disorder, it is advisable you must consult a doctor first and the rest will follow.

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