Eating Disorders

Underweight and Pregnancy

There are some pregnant moms who think they are healthy but they are underweight. The health throughout pregnancy has a huge effect to both mother and the unborn child. A nutritious diet should be planned before or during pregnancy to ensure a successful pregnancy.

The fear of gaining weight during and after pregnancy has overlooked the underweight problem during pregnancy. This may be due to the present fashion of slim like figures. Some women may also follow the crowd of not being independent to change into a healthier habit. There are several reasons what made them an underweight woman. They may act they are doing the right thing but the reality is that they are walking on the wrong side.

Studies showed that underweight mothers are prone to deliver low birth weight babies, babies born with birth defects or they are at risk for miscarriage.

Reasons for being underweight are:

  • Poverty and inability to buy adequate food, however many poor women are obese due to less expensive starchy foods.
  • Excessive worry or stress and emotions leading to loss of appetite
  • Depression causes a chronic loss of appetite
  • An eating disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia, an eating disorder in which conditions of the woman has develop revulsion of food.

Another major reason of underweight is insufficient intake of food.

The recommended weight gain when underweight is 25 to 40 pounds. Their total caloric intake must be 3,500 calories.

Here are some suggestions to an underweight pregnant mother to gain more weight:

  • Have an instant liquid breakfast in a form of concentrated formula and it should be high protein drink.
  • Develop menus based on well planned meals
  • Schedule adequate rest periods to have her feel energetic as she prepares food
  • Take the prescribed vitamins and minerals
  • Visit your nutritionist

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