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What Does Bulimia Have to Do With Acid Reflux Disease

Many Eating disorders such as Bulimia can cause major problems on a person’s digestive system. Similar to acid reflux disease, Bulimia’s affects can destroy the esophagus, ruin the lining of the stomach and make life miserable. If this condition goes untreated, a person could damage their body for the rest of their life. Getting into a treatment program and changing one’s outlook on life are the only ways to overcome this disorder. It’s sad, but too many people do not seek treatment until it is already too late.

Waiting until it’s too late has even caused people to die from Bulimia and its many side effects.

Bulimia occurs when a person believes they are overweight and feel they need to vomit after eating. The need to vomit usually occurs after a person has been binge eating, or eating a lot of food at one time. Many reasons are found for why people engage in this behavior, which even if a person is not overweight, they may think that they are and develop bulimia.

When a person vomits, food is not the only items that are removed from the stomach. The stomach produces its acid that is used to break down food so the food can be fully digested. When a person vomits, acid is then forced through the esophagus. When a person vomits more than once or twice a day, that acid can start to wear on the esophagus which causes it to become scratchy and sore. Log term effects could mean the person has trouble trying to swallow food.

If Bulimia is left untreated then it could cause many other problems in the body, so organs that aren’t getting proper nutrition from food might begin to slow down, eventually leading to death. Effects could still exist after recovering from acid reflux, and a person could develop acid reflux because the body is used to vomiting. Medication may be necessary to help keep the acid from returning to the esophagus and causing more damage.

The medication will help to reduce acid and increase hunger, while hopefully stopping a person from vomiting. The next step is getting a person to realize they are damaging their body. Many times a treatment program is necessary in order to heal from the emotional damage from Bulimia, and there are many programs devoted for giving people a healthy recovery and another chance at living their lives.

People who suffer from Bulimia have to be made aware of what they are doing to their bodies.

Vomiting food poses many serious health risks and could lead to permanent damage to the esophagus. Seeing a doctor when one has Bulimia will include not only the help with their eating disorder, but what lies at the core of what is causing the eating disorder in the first place. Treatment is many times necessary to determine why a person thinks they’re overweight and why they want to hurt their body. With treatment and counseling a person will begin to lead a normal life they deserve.

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