Be Familiar With Effective Natural Cures for Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, commonly referred to as baby eczema may manifest in the very early months of a baby’s life or even from birth. Although it is easy to diagnose in young infants, finding the right treatment for each case may take a long time and more than one visit to the doctor.

Eczema starts with dry, flaky skin that evolves into red patches, and then into itchy, suppurating flare ups. While some patients register positive results if they start using in the early stages over the counter emollient creams, some others require sustained corticosteroids and immunosuppressant therapies. Even with topical medication, eczema is a condition that requires daily skin management and in more serious cases life altering dietary changes.

Doctors recommend natural cures for eczema in combination with traditional medicines, as long term solutions for keeping the flare ups under control.

Some of the most efficient natural cures for eczema are:


Most of the safest natural cures for eczema can be acquired straight from your kitchen. One of these cures for atopic dermatitis is the oatmeal. Oatmeal is not only nutritious but it is also effective in moisturizing the skin. It can also help soothe baby’s skin. You can use oatmeal in your baby’s bath simply by adding a cup of oatmeal to a warm bath. Do this twice a day for better result.


One other natural cure for eczema is organic bath soap. Change your baby’s bath soap into organic or oatmeal-based baby soap. Harsh baby bath soap is likely to be irritating to the baby’s sensitive skin. It can also cause skin dryness and can likewise aggravate eczema flare ups. Keeping your baby’s skin clean can help up speed up elimination of eczema. Also avoid using chemical-based products for your baby’s skin. Products like lotions, creams and colognes that are formulated with chemicals can only aggravate your baby’s eczema. They can likewise trigger flare ups.


Organic coconut oil is solid at room temperature and liquefies when applied to the skin. It has a mild, pleasant smell and it is easily absorbed by the skin without greasy residues. Unlike over the counter emollients, it can be applied freely on to the skin, more times during the day. It reduces the skin itchy sensation and the need to scratch, as well as keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.

Natural cures for eczema diminish the need to use strong medicines like corticosteroids in babies and prevent future outbreaks. Nature always provides the best, risk free solution to most health problems.

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