Eczema and Homeopathy

Is this eczema resolved or is it suppressed? This is an important distinction that is not considered in modern medicine. In homeopathy, however, it is a critical one. Homeopathy approaches health from a different position than modern medicine. It sees the use of drugs as a serious impairment on the well being of the human.

When a drug, such as cortisone or other creams, is applied, the pathology still remains. Only the outer experience or appearance is addressed. However, the disease not only remains, but is driven deeper into the essence of the person. In other words, the illness isn’t cured; it becomes subterranean.

On a practical level, what does this mean? Well, it is no mystery that eczema and asthma are keenly connected. They are both pathology of epithelial cells that are exposed to outside elements. Hence, the skin and lungs are not only similar, but are representations of each other. So, when cortisone, or the like, is applied to the skin, the eczema recedes after time and lung issues, such as asthma, bronchitis, etc. often appear. This means that when we suppress an illness on the skin that is undeniably uncomfortable, we’re trading it for a disease of the lungs that can be life threatening. The trade is a less serious illness for a more sobering one. Not a sound choice.

In the world of homeopathy with its proven laws of health, the homeopath works to assist the person’s ability to resolve the illness with a gentle stimulus from the remedy. Instead of slamming the sufferer with a new more potent illness, the remedy gently nudges the sufferer’s ability to resolve the pathology on her own.

Consider the woman who had been suffering from eczema that included cracking of the skin, relentless itching at night and inability to use her hands for her daily work. The reason she chose homeopathy was because it had worked so well for her children and husband for other illnesses. This eruption wasn’t resolved in very short order. In fact, it took months. However, during that period of time, other areas of discomfort were also resolved.

The remedy chosen for this undeniable transformation was Mezerium. It is specific for eruptions in a “stocking-glove” distribution on hands and feet. It relates to skin that is cracking and even patterned in a geometric fashion. There can also be corresponding pain in the bones. There is a sensitivity to touch with anxiety and irritability as common concomitants.

Until her hands were cleared, the young mother used nothing over the counter or prescribed. The only thing that is acceptable on the skin is from the kitchen. That is, if the skin product can’t fully be eaten, it does not belong on the skin. Lard, unsalted butter, plain yogurt, coconut oil and olive oil are examples of acceptable skin creams. Unpronounceable ingredients don’t belong in or on our body.

All skin difficulties, such as eczema, psoriasis, warts, acne and the like, are outward pathology that represent the inner health of the person. If driven inward, that pathology will become a more profound infirmity. If the eczema is suppressed with drugs of commerce, asthma usually follows.

For true skin and subterranean health, choose homeopathy. It is not superficial or of questionable safety. Indeed, it is the vigor of clear, glowing skin that everyone deserves.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed health care provider.

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