Eczema Cure – 100% Free, Natural, Non-Drug, Non-Invasive

I am not saying that this will cure anyone out there in the exact time frame, even if you follow my health routine exactly because it really depends on how damaged, poisoned your body is. That is the truth. The more damaged your body is, the longer it will take to recover, but at least now you know that you CAN recover and be cured! Eczema and allergies, like many other chronic illnesses, are NOT “incurable” diseases, as claimed by many conventional medical doctors.

The cause of nearly all chronic mental/physical diseases is simply a deviation from our real natural human diet and lifestyle. It is as simple as that!

For example, imagine feeding a lion, a carnivore, a diet of grains, fruits and vegetables instead of meat (or worse, feed it man-made processed junk food). You would expect it to get sick and probably die prematurely correct? Same applies to human beings like us. Eat processed food, put on toxic cosmetics, and expect poor health and sickness.

In no particular order:

  • Paleo Diet (I do the raw version of it, but mainstream paleo diet is cooked or slightly cooked)
  • Probiotics (from fermented vegetables with Real Himalayan Salt – free and effective, or probiotic capsules mixed with coconut water and a pinch of Real Himalayan Salt)
  • 1-2 or 3 hours of sunbathing every day, if possible, for Vitamin D (best to get out of the sun once your skin is turning pink. This depends on your skin color)
  • Uropathy
  • Coffee enemas to detox liver
  • Other healthy lifestyle habits (e.g. sleeping early – before 11pm (ideally before 10pm), minimizing stress, moderate exercise daily)
  • Removal of potentially toxic dental fillings, fissure sealants, permanent retainers (fixed into place with dental “concrete”)
  • Minimizing toxin exposure in daily life (99.9% or more of skin, hair, beauty, perfume products on the market have proven harmful toxins) I use 100% natural soap, shampoo, conditioners, natural oils for moisturizers (coconut, avocado, almond oil etc.)

Apart from curing my eczema, severe allergies (food, environmental), I also overcame a host of other symptoms, including severe depression, eating disorders etc.

I completely understand that you might not be ready to implement all of the dietary and lifestyle changes mentioned above. Start at your own pace and do what you’re comfortable with. Of course, if you are in very poor health, I would recommend that you try out as many of the recommendations as possible. This will ensure that you recover rapidly.

For a detailed and continuously updated story of my battle with eczema and allergies, feel free to visit my website. [100% NO COMMERCIAL INTEREST, no products to sell, no ebooks, no ads. Just pure, free information and experience.]

“It is your basic human right to have total control over your health, without having to rely on anyone else.” Wishing everyone the best of health!

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