Eczema Cures – Soothing the Pain and Aggravation Naturally

In truth, there are no eczema cures. Eczema is something you don’t get rid of, but rather, something you learn to control. Can it be controlled? In all but the most severe cases, yes it can, and it can be controlled naturally.

There are plenty of things to do to avoid an outbreak of eczema – avoid your triggers, stay hydrated, eat the right foods, etc. – but what do you do when an outbreak occurs? How do you treat it? Outbreaks come with pain and itching and all kinds of aggravation – how do we relieve that?

The most common treatment given by doctors is steroid cream. It works, but it has some unwanted side effects and patients are generally advised not to use it long-term. So then, our next question is, what can we do to soothe the pain without causing more damage elsewhere? Are there natural eczema cures?

Controlling eczema outbreaks generally focuses on keeping the affected area moisturized to relieve the itchiness and the pain. Here are a few ideas for natural remedies:

  • Oatmeal Baths – blend about a cup of oatmeal until you have a very fine powder, then add this oatmeal powder to the bath and soak for 15 or 20 minutes. The oatmeal is really effective at protecting skin from irritants, and along with that, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe inflammation caused by your skin’s reaction to allergens (remember that eczema is essentially an allergic reaction).
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – the natural oils found in virgin coconut oil have an excellent moisturizing effect, which makes it great for helping dry, itchy skin. Coconut oil is high in lauric and other fatty oils, and when applied over the affected areas of skin will help keep skin soft and smooth. Castor, grapeseed and avocado oil would help the skin heal faster as well, but it is the coconut oil that gets the best results for most people. Be sure to use the virgin variety, since the refinement process will destroy much of the oil’s healing properties.
  • Pastes and Mudbaths – there are all kinds of pastes to make that will serve as eczema cures. Here’s a few: mango: boil the pulp for about thirty minutes, let it cool, then apply it to the affected area to help soothe the skin. Along the same lines, mash up some papaya seeds and apply that paste to the affected area to help relieve the itchiness. Aloe vera is simple to prepare – simply crack open a leaf from an aloe vera plant and smear the juice on the affected skin. Great for soothing irritated skin. Nutmeg, made into a paste with a little water, is one more effective eczema remedy.

So that’s a few things you can do that involve natural ingredients. All of these methods will indeed treat eczema, and though none of them will cure eczema, they will help you control the pain and itchiness that comes along with eczema outbreaks.

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