One of the most common ailments around is eczema. The interesting thing about eczema is that there is so little know about it by the people that have it. Basically eczema, often called dermatitis, is a collection of skin problems which can affect a person of any age. Do you have eczema and wonder how common it really is? It is estimated that up to one fifth of children and about one twelfth of adults do have eczema. It is not true that everyone that has eczema has the same level of the disease because the severity of eczema can range quite a lot. Some people have a very mild form of eczema and one major symptom of mild eczema is dry itchy skin while severe cases of eczema can experience broken bleeding skin. Many people are bothered by looking at the eczema that some men and women have but do not be alarmed. Eczema can be a bit ugly to look at but eczema is not contagious ailment. The people with eczema can actually buy products to treat their inflammation from eczema so that the person suffering from eczema can lead a perfectly normal life with only the occasional flare-up. Many people with eczema find this to be a comforting thing. The fact that there are products that can help them minimize the symptoms of eczema allows them to have a more positive outlook on their eczema.

There are many of you suffering from eczema and are wondering what in the world actually causes eczema. There is one type of eczema called atopic eczema which is thought to be gotten through heredity. Many people believe that atopic eczema is because the person is allergic to something in the air. The eczema symptoms are actually a reaction that your body has to the things in the environment. Eczema is a sign that your body cannot handle or deal with some things in the environment. It is common that sufferers from eczema also suffer from other sicknesses related to allergies. Other types of eczema can occur because of things that the person comes in contact with such as detergents and perfumes.

The key to learning about your type of eczema and treating your type of eczema is to get the proper diagnosis. Lots of people do not have the money to go to the doctor and find out what type of eczema they have. For those people researching is then the only way to learn the type of eczema you have. I will be writing articles periodically to cover the seven types of eczema and you can use them as a guide to learn the type of eczema you have.

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