Getting Rid of Scars Caused by Eczema

Eczema, a skin condition characterized by persistent dryness, inflammation, redness, bleeding, and blistering of skin, often eventually leads to unsightly scarring. As such, part of managing the problem is improving the appearance of the resulting scars with caution, ideally with the help of a professional.

Eczema scars can either be dark (hyperpigmented) or white (hypopigmented), and treatments for Getting Rid Of Scars Caused By Eczema depend on the kind of scarring that you have. An IPL or Photofacial treatment is recommended for alleviating the redness and improving any pigmentation problems caused by eczema scars. White scars are more difficult to treat; most plastic surgeons and dermatologist would suggest trying certain lasers, surgical excision, and even tattooing for hypopigmented scars.

Chemical peels are not advised by dermatologists for Getting Rid Of Scars Caused By Eczema, especially when the skin condition is still recurring or active. When the skin is very dry and irritated due to eczema, chemical peels can worsen the irritation and penetrate the skin deeper.

Aside from clinical treatments, there are also many home remedies for Getting Rid of Scars Caused by Eczema. Shea butter is one of the most popular topical solutions for keeping the skin moisturized and helping new scars heal. Scar fading creams with lemon juice, onion extracts, kojic acid, and other natural skin brightening agents can also be used to gradually fade eczema scars. Sunscreen should also be a part of an eczema patient’s daily regimen when going outdoors, as sun exposure can worsen eczema symptoms and further darken the scars.

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