Help For Stubborn Eczema – How to Improve Skin Quality and Relieve Symptoms

If you’ve had chronic eczema and had to deal with the frustration of new flare-ups and eruptions, you know the disappointment when you think your skin has cleared only to see new little patches or bumps. Symptoms may just be redness and pimples for some, but for other there can be extreme swelling, large patches and sores. Whether the case is mild or extreme, one thing in common is the itch that can drive you up the wall.

If your skin has not cleared up using steroid creams and other methods, continue to still moisturize it and follow the prescription program your dermatologist has given to you. Sometimes, it can take a few months to resolve so don’t give up.

Other measures that are helpful include using flax seed oil as a supplement to help to supply essential fatty acids and omega three and omega six nutrients, substituting cotton clothing for anything with wool or nylon and replacing foods that are known to produce allergic reactions such as peanuts, milk-based products and wheat. Though changing one’s diet can seem radical, this may be what’s needed to eradicated the causes of the symptoms.

Be sure to also observe common sense measures such as avoiding hot water showers, stop using detergents with harsh ingredients and improving one’s daily routine by drinking lots of water and adding more fruits and vegetables. If your skin is chapped and dried do winter weather, add to your home a humidifier and don’t expose your skin to raw weather when going outdoors but be sure it’s covered up well.

In addition to a flax seed oil supplement, oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and safflower oil are good to add to salads and ingest for maximum skin repair. Baths that have oatmeal added or baking soda will help the skin reduce in redness and give a repsite from the itchiness that reminds you so often of the skin condition.

Another useful supplement is to take acidopholous or bifidus. These are probiotics and are considered useful in promoting the production of good bacteria. This can counteract the side effects of poor diet, antibiotics and digestive issues. The body eliminates through the skin and by making your system as clean as possible there will be better general health.

The stress can build up easily when there is an itching sensation during the day so be sure to find ways to relax the mind and body each day through visualizations, meditation, breathing, stretching, photography or other hobbies that bring peace and a harmonious feeling into your life.

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