Is There a Healthy Cure for Eczema?

Many of us eczema sufferers have been told time and time again by doctors and specialists that there really is no cure for eczema. They normally go on to prescribe you some kind of topical ointment after that comment.

But are these creams and ointments doing worse for our skin than they are good? It’s been proven that many people who use steroidal creams can build up an ‘addiction’. The problem is that it’s more of a physical addiction than a mental one, and these drugs are damaging to our skin overall; increasing the risk of infection, thinning the skin, producing acne, and encouraging excessive hair growth.

Most regular users report that they just cannot stop using these prescriptions – experiencing flare-ups, and unbearable itch. There is a way to come off this addiction by diluting the solution and progressively using less and less every time.

Many dermatologists these days (not all of them, but certainly a percentage) do not take the time to inform their patients fully and properly of their condition. A large majority of patients do not know what kind of eczema they have, or even if it surely is eczema that they’re dealing with. This goes without saying that they are not provoked to find the root of the problem, or the cause of their condition – just that there is no way to rid themselves of it.

Eczema was not as popular 50 years ago as it is now. A lot of things have changed, there are more processed foods on the market containing harmful chemicals and the use of pesticides in conventional farming methods is growing dramatically. Our bodies absorb all of these toxic substances and try to push them out of our bodies in all sorts of ways, including through our skin in the way of sweat and oils.

Many of us also live on mostly acidic diets, consuming far too much pork, beef and chicken, etc. (You can find a list online in a simple search for acidic foods) Which can unbalance our skin’s pH level. If we have too much acid residue from foods traveling through every inch of our bodies, it is treated with a toxic response.

The greatest creams and ointments in the world aren’t going to make that great of an impact with all of these underlying internal issues working against us. We need to treat the insides of our bodies even better than we treat the outside. This is not hard to achieve, although it takes a little bit of research and perfection for more severe cases and very often works as a cure for a large majority of eczema sufferers.

We can take care of our internal system by eating a high alkaline diet, which is really more simple than it might sound. We just need to cut back on things like beef, pork, chicken and processed foods like potato chips and candy. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day, choosing more alkaline fruits and veggies than acidic. Putting more nuts and seeds into our diet and eating more grains and beans will help too.

There are many alkaline diet plans out there to follow. Local grown, organic food is often a better choice when it comes to buying whole foods as well, as there is often little to no pesticides or herbicides used in the farming process.

I truly believe we need to phase out these harmful steroidal creams and ointments and start taking a more natural approach to solving our skin issues, as it has more long-term benefits and no side-effects. Why would you rub something into your skin that you wouldn’t want to eat yourself? Not to mention our children’s skin, whose still developing organs are very sensitive to these substances.

Everyone’s body is different. What works for many of us may not work for everyone, but I encourage you to give this a try to see the benefits this has not only on our skin, but on our entire body.

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