Key Ingredients of the Best Eczema Creams

Many people think the best eczema creams have to contain cortisone. While it is true that these prescription creams will provide quick relief for your itching, that relief comes with a pretty stiff price. If you use cortisone-based creams for an extended period of time, you run the risk of some very serious side effects. Cortisone can thin your skin, delay wound healing, increase your susceptibility to skin infections, and even cause contact dermatitis, which is the last thing you need when you already have a skin problem.

As well as looking for key ingredients included in eczema creams, you should also be aware of ingredients that you don’t want to see in the creams you are considering. If a cream under consideration contains lots of long words with virtually unpronounceable names, think twice before purchasing that cream. Those ingredients are in all probability artificial chemicals. One cause of eczema symptoms is sensitivity to various chemicals. It won’t help you much if you are sensitive to the ingredients in your eczema cream. Also steer clear of creams with artificial fragrances. These can also set off an eczema flare up.

Your best bet is to consider natural creams. Natural is from nature. Artificial chemicals are not from nature. You are less likely to be sensitive to the ingredients in a natural cream, although it’s still possible that you could be allergic to an ingredient, so read the ingredient list carefully.

Here are some ingredients to look for when choosing eczema creams. A good cream doesn’t have to contain all of these. If you are unsure of what a particular ingredient does, ask the people who work in the department that sells the creams or do some research on your own before buying.

Hydrocotyle – Hydrocotyle is an herb that has been used for its skin rejuvenating properties. It is used to assist in the treatment of eczema, burns and skin ulcers.

Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E is known for promoting skin healing and for helping to hydrate the skin. It has anti-oxidant properties as well.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera relieves inflammation and helps hydrate the skin. It is a very common ingredient in good eczema creams.

Chamomile – This is an herb that relieves the itching caused by eczema and other skin conditions.

This list is obviously not all-inclusive, but these are some of the most common – and some of the best – ingredients in good creams. Understand, too, that no matter how good a cream is in relieving your eczema symptoms, it isn’t addressing the root cause of the problem. Once you get the itching and inflammation under control, you will certainly want to look at getting to the core of your eczema problem.

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