Natural Eczema Remedy – How Dry Brushing Can Reduce Your Eczema

Eczema is undoubtedly accompanied by dry skin. Dry, weak skin allows irritants to enter the skin more easily, setting off the dreaded itch-scratch cycle. Because there are so many ways to treat eczema and dry skin, it can be confusing to know what works or not, and whether the methods are safe. Treating eczema is mostly about finding a combination of several things that work, creating a daily routine out of them, and sticking to that routine. Dry brushing is a safe, natural eczema remedy that can be included in this routine.

There are several benefits to dry brushing:

  • It is inexpensive, only requiring a brush and your time
  • It brushes away dead skin cells
  • It is a great way to relax and relieve stress

Even if you have eczema, you can still enjoy the benefits of dry brushing as long as you avoid brushing over broken, sore, and weepy lesions. Many eczema sufferers have hardened scales on their skin that make it look dull. Daily brushing will improve the texture of the skin and help tighten the skin by improving the blood circulation.

The best dry brush is made out of natural bristles (not synthetic) and preferably has a long handle so you can easily reach all areas of your body. It is available at health stores. Skin brushing should be performed in the morning before bath, but since some people with eczema might not like bathing, it is advisable to get in the habit of dry brushing anyway and wipe the body clean with a towel at the end. Bathing or showering can be added later.

Brushing can be either from head to toe or toe to head, as long as you are brushing towards your heart. Use small, circular motions and gently rub your skin. Don’t use too much pressure or scrub too hard, as that will be damaging to the skin.

Over time, you will find dry brushing a satisfactory natural eczema remedy that is also therapeutic. There is nothing like starting your day in absolute quiet, paying attention and taking care of your skin.

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