Relieve Eczema Skin Symptoms With An Epsom Salt Bath

It is hard not to go crazy with all that intense itching and scratching of your irritated eczema skin. Short of using strong steroids, there is one treatment that you can try to alleviate the itchy symptoms. You may wish to consider taking an Epsom salt bath.

An Epsom salt bath is not just any salt bath. There are actually different kinds of bath salts in the market today and you really need to choose the correct ones to treat your eczema. Solar salt, koshers salts are just like any rock salts that you use in your kitchen and offer no helpful benefits to your skin. Be careful not to use them as normal salts contain sodium chloride that can actually cause a drying out of your skin. A bath using normal salts is therefore not a good idea for an already dry skin prone to eczema outbreaks.

Epsom salts are basically made up of magnesium sulphate, a type of naturally occurring mineral. Magnesium is responsible in regulating the body enzymes. Since it is an electrolyte, magnesium sulphate can improve the function of the muscles and nerves. It also ensures the proper usage of calcium in our body’s cells. As an eczema treatment, it helps to reduce skin inflammation and alleviate pain.

An Epsom salt bath is a great way to acquire magnesium in the body because the skin can easily absorb it. More importantly, an Epsom salt bath is becoming popular in treating eczema because it assists in removing unwanted acids out of your skin. Soaking yourself in the bath is therapeutic as it also helps reduce stress and muscular pains.

Here is a simple recipe on getting started with your own soothing Epsom bath salt:

o 450 grams Epsom salts

o 1 tsp. Calendula oil

o 5 drops patchouli oil

o 7-10 drops lavender oil

You can actually do without the oils if you are unable to find them. Simply add a cup of Epsom salts in to a tub with warm water. Avoid using soaps when taking an Epsom salt bath or else it would obstruct the healing action of the salts. You can soak in for about 15 minutes and gently give your skin a good gentle rub. (Take note: Gentle rub not scrub!) Try not to get chilled and over dried. A warning to people who are diagnosed with edema, heart problems or high blood pressure- soaking in a bath salt may prove to be harmful. Frail people, like aged people, are advised not to use salt baths at all.

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