Seven Botanicals to Help Your Body Heal the Symptoms of Eczema

In this article we are going to look at seven botanicals that have been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic and holistic health physicians to promote healing and longevity. When used properly and in the right combination with each other they have been proven to reduce or completely eliminate the painful symptoms of eczema by awakening the body’s natural ability to heal.

1. Amalaki – Also known as the “Indian Gooseberry,” is native to the region of India and Nepal and is one of the most widely consumed nutritional supplements in India today. The chemical make-up of this golf ball size fruit contains one of the highest amounts of Vitamin C known in the world and Vitamin C has been proven to promote healthy skin tissue. As well, amalaki possess a wide variety of other nutritionally important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Tulsi – Often referred to as “holy basil,” tulsi can strengthen the immune system through its powerful antioxidant properties while serving as an effective anti-stress agent. As well, scientific findings are showing that tulsi may protect the skin from oxidative stress. For those suffering from eczema this is beneficial since the symptoms of eczema are brought on by irritants and infectious agents penetrating the skin and triggering an immune response – chronic inflammation.

3. Haritaki – Is known for its ability to promote immune support, mild detoxification, and healthy digestion. Finally, recent studies show that haritaki can help protect the liver and offer gastrointestinal support.

4. Turmeric – Traditionally turmeric has been used in India and other Asian cultures for a variety of ailments, including digestive upset, skin disorders, teeth problems and bodily pain. It is also considered an herb that can improve the complexion of the skin.

Today turmeric is becoming one of the most widely studied botanicals by Western medicine and science. It is proven to possess powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while promoting healthy brain and heart function. As a potent anti-inflammatory it helps to reduce irritation to tissues characterized by pain, redness, swelling and heat.

5. Ginger – A more well-known botanical, ginger has been used for centuries because of its ability to promote healthy digestion. As well, several studies indicate that ginger possesses significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a result, the use of ginger can be of benefit to those who are looking to naturally relieve the painful, and at times embarrassing symptoms of eczema.

6. Schizandra – Known as an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to potential stress levels in the body and tissues, schizandra has been known to possess a variety of health benefits – ranging from liver and kidney support to improved sleep. By helping to promote healthy sleep, schizandra is an effective botanical for strengthening the immune system, improving mental function and managing the stresses of life. If a botanical can help minimize the negative effects of stress in the body this could prove to be of great benefit to those suffering from the symptoms of eczema.

7. Jujube – Jujube berries have long been a part of medicinal preparations in China, Korea, the Middle East, and India. They are used in a variety of ailments ranging from gastrointestinal dysfunction and skin infections to pain and insomnia. Modern scientists now confirm that jujube may calm the nervous system by acting as a mild sedative and promoting healthy sleep. As well, one of the nutrient highlights of jujube and schizandra is that they both contain essential fatty acids which help manage the fires of inflammation.

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